Rafa Roundup: ‘I don’t know which Rafa you’re going to find in Madrid’

Photo via Madrid Open
Photo via Madrid Open


“These last weeks I’ve been doing it, fighting for important matches, winning,” Nadal said. “Let’s see what happens in the next week.”

If he does play Djokovic, who also will be going for his 29th Masters 1000 title, Nadal said he would welcome the matchup. “If I have to play against Djokovic,” he said, “that will be a great thing because that means I will be in the final.”

Nadal, who has asked the I.T.F. to release documentation of his testing history, has said that he would donate to an unspecified French foundation any damages won in the lawsuit.

“I feel happy that I don’t need money,” Nadal said of the lawsuit. “So it’s something that is about image, is something about that people are not free to say any stupid thing anytime, what they think in any moment, without knowledge about the things.”

Djokovic expressed support for how Nadal had handled a “very tricky position.”

“I think he has done the right thing to protect himself and the integrity of his own brand and the achievements he had in all these years of work and the results that he put in,” Djokovic said. “And the sport itself, because Rafa is definitely one of the best players in the history of the game, one of the most important players we have.”

Rafael Nadal, on his recent form: I’ve been competing against the players and won matches against some of the best players of the world and competed pretty well against all of them. That has given me the opportunity to play the last three tournaments at a really high level…winning and playing matches against these people, it’s really something good for me.

I don’t know which Rafa you’re going to find here. I know that I’m doing things well. You know, I really want to do well. I’m really looking forward to it. Here I am. I’ve been preparing well. I hope to be prepared and do things as good as I can.

Battle For 29: Djokovic and Nadal are the all-time leaders with 28 ATP Masters 1000 titles each. This is the first time since 2011 that Djokovic and Nadal have accounted for the first three ATP Masters 1000 titles of the season.



  1. Rafa entrena la manana en Roma, lastima para la tarde, manana hay que descansar en Mallorca. He propuesto que va a dar un paseo en la playa en Ostia antes de salir. Fiona en Paris

  2. He ya dicho enhorabuena para Monte Carlo y Barcelona, lastima para Madrid. Habriamos preferido que sace el doble en Espana, su tierra natal. Siga. Tengo una pregunta para los fans, I have a question for the fans. He visto los videoclips de Rafa desde 2005 los 19 anos hasta ahora, fotos posadas, posed photos, es super bonito, lovely looking. Porque hay tantas de el why are there so many of him mas que algo otro jugador, more than any other player en el top 10? Alguien puede darme la respuesta, can someone give me the answer on this site? Fiona en Paris

    • Espero siempre una respuesta, still waiting for a reply. Porque hay tantas fotos posadas de Rafa en Internet, why so many posed photos of Rafa more than any other player? Fiona en Paris

  3. To suffer a setback, in fact several, and bounce back…. That is true greatness! Always one of your biggest fans….. Highs and lows, irrespective. Got to see u from a distance at the IPTL in New Delhi…..one more thing ticked off my bucket list😊

  4. Congratulations on carrying the flag of your country, Spain at the Olympics in Brazil this summer. Please wear mosquito repellent. Cheryl A. Joseph, teacher and Biologist. I have never done illegal drugs either.

  5. Rafa, you are such an amazing credit to yourself, your family Maria and your country.
    I would very much like to get on a plane from Sydney to Madrid and see you play, and be around your amazingly humble and grateful attitude, as a widow of 2 8 years, my 38year old son is causing me so many headaches having left his lovely wife and dear little two year old for another female, causing me sooooooooooooo much sadness.
    I saw you play in Sydney in January this year, and win or lose you are such a huge CREDIT to yourself.
    Love, and God bless,


    • Dear Rafael Nadal, Congratulations on being chosen to carry the flag of your country, Spain at the Olympics in Brazil. Please wear mosquito repellent. I do not fundraise. Cheryl A. Joseph, Whitman-Hanson Regional High School, class of 1970, Boston College,B.S. Biology, 1974, M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, 1980, experienced High School Biology and Chemistry teacher, 5.0 feet tall, 110 pounds,pure white skin, played High School Varsity Basketball, Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Field Hockey, representative for my high school at the Presidential Classroom for Young Americans in Washington, D.C. in 1969, I have also never done illegal drugs. I also do not drink alcohol. I also have never used a swear word in my whole life.

  6. Rafa is so much more realistic than some of his fans. He respects all of his opponents and takes it match by match. How can we not love our Humble Bull? I just want him to play well and stay healthy. The rest will follow

  7. As usual Rafa do your best and take one match at a time all your fans are here for you and we only have your best interests at heart ! So just go Rafa go and win if you can whatever happens you will always be our champion no one else like you Ever !!!!
    So good luck and best wishes in Madrid

  8. Vamos Rafa. Doing your best is good enough for all your fans. Mucha suerte y salud.

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