Photos: Rafael Nadal poses for El Pais Icon

Rafael Nadal is front and center for a new black & white shoot featured in the April 2016 issue of Spanish magazine El Pais Icon. He is dressed head to toe in Tommy Hilfiger. Check out the photos!

What do you think of Rafa’s new photoshoot? Tell us below!


  1. He is sooo handsome his smile though it melts the hardest of hearts..beautiful man inside and out….you certainly get the ladies drooling..gorgeous Rafa

  2. The photographer’s captured a very smooth and suave looking Rafa. He looks very mature, handsome and stereotypically Spanish in these. You’re right though, his smile can light the world up:))

  3. A typing error NOT instead of “ot”
    Rafa back to your self that we so loved. Do not let influence change you, give us some more of your smiles; and back to the passion in your play. You are a great asset to tennis BUT I want Uncle Tony to talk some more for us to hear !!

  4. No. no, typical photographers’ shoot. I want to see Rafa in his “natural” simple self. With a smile that would charm a blind person. BUT we do see most of him on the tennis court so we miss the suave handsome side. I feel so enamored when I see him “touch” his girlfriend and others with such gentle caring. How can one ot love this guy–though from a distance!!

  5. I think the pictures where he’s smiling are much nicer. These don’t fit his personality.

  6. I don’t care for these photos. Rafa is Rafa when he smiles. These are not flattering. Too dark. Too serious.

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