ITF confirms Rafael Nadal never failed a doping test

Rafael Nadal covers Icon El Pais (April 30, 2016)
Rafael Nadal covers Icon El Pais (April 30, 2016)

(AP) Fed up of being accused of doping, Rafael Nadal has written to the president of the International Tennis Federation and asked for all of his drug-test results and blood profile records to be made public.

In a letter obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press, the 14-time Grand Slam champion says “it can’t be free anymore in our tennis world to speak and to accuse without evidence.”

Rafa writes: “Please make all my information public. Please make public my biological passport, my complete history of anti-doping controls and tests.

He also asks for all his future test results to be released.

The ITF can confirm that Mr. Nadal has never failed a test under the TADP and has not been suspended at any time for an anti-doping rule violation or for any other reason related to the TADP,” the ITF said in a statement sent to the AP.

Source: Associated Press


  1. I have been following Rafa since the very beginning of his career and have always admired his humility, integrity and honesty. He is a kind young man and one of the best players of all time. I am saddened by what the former French Minister has said…..shame on her for making wild accusations.

    We support you, Rafa!

  2. Noble Humble Charming Honest Ethical Hard Working Rafa!

    The reason you are one of the most loved players of all time! VAMOS!

  3. I think it is so sad that Rafa has to go to such great lengths to prove an allegation
    he has never even been guilty of. Maria Sharapova comes forward and Rafa has to deal with the backlash and false statements about his tests which are all clean. Rafa shouldn’t even be in question. But people such as the former French Minister who made those false allegations are very very dangerous because they fuel the flames of these ugly rumor mills without any evidence or truth. Unfortunately, Rafa has no choice but to strike back twice as hard to put a stop to these baseless lies by this disgraceful
    woman once and for all. Enough is enough. I support and applaud Rafa for filing his lawsuit against Bachelot and her sickening vitriol. May he stop or dead in her tracks for this matter once and for all. Vamos Rafa!

  4. I have a conflicted feeling this whole doping issue. because the test dont show the new thing they create tomorrow. They always figure out a new thing.
    Everybody can remember Gdr sportsman , even back then everybody knew that they are cheating but the test wasnt good enough to catch them.
    I dont know really about tennis, but i dont have illusions about running, cycling, swimming where everybody use something . I mean the sportsman regenerate rapidly , in tennis they play 3 hours and they come back next day and play 3 hours almost in the same level. in swimming the swimmers enter 3-5 races in one week but after first race they shouldn’t have move for a week. So the tester and committee should be clean this grey area and tell that you can use this , this and this and that is it. So for me i dont care if the sportsman are dopping , we may never know for sure. i hope they dont take the dangerous stuff. So i decided i dont care if they dopping, they sill have to have train a lot and be talented. I mean even if i start dipping today , i wont be the next grand slam champion. But this allegation toward some sportsman seems funny to me because if nadal isn’t clean then definitely neither the french tennis players. So everybody stop this accusations and concentrate more find thing which the athlete can take and make them legal. Or we can return to sport level of the 50s if the sport come completely clean.

  5. Personally I have never doubted Rafa. I find it very sad that he has to go to such lengths to prove he has never doped. However enough is enough and I am glad that he is defending his integrity.

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