Barcelona Open 2016: An interview with Rafael Nadal (April 18)

Fresh from his 9th title victory in Monte Carlo, Rafael Nadal discusses strategy, clay courts and how important the Barcelona tournament is to him.

Video: ATP World Tour


  1. Good luck and best wishes Rafa for Barcelona just do your best as you always do to win this and let them know the King of Clay is truly back
    You will always remain our champ for always and forever

  2. Challenging to face into another tournament immediately after tough matches in Monte Carlo, emotionally and physically draining, no respite time. There were big demands on him after his victory and then to Barcelona for the launch of the tournament there. Scheduling of tournaments needs to be revisited but does the ATP care about players? Let us wish for warm weather and a fast court. Vamos Rafaaaaa

    • Elizabeth, challenging it is but Rafa will be high on adrenalin after his much fought battle that he will relish Barcelona and all that it entails and I firmly believe that he will be successful there too, plenty of time to rest at night to recharge his betteries for even greater wins which lay in store. Remember he is very fit and only 29👏👍🏿🐂🇧🇴🇧🇴😀

  3. Rafa never treats any tournament ‘as easy’ he treats all opponents with respect and quite rightly too as he has been beaten by ‘lesser ranked’ players in the past, we know the names but Dustin Brown and Nick Kyrgios are just two. These players play with abandon to try and beat a top player and often succeed. So, having said that, Rafa will play his heart out in Barcelona with the added confidence of hard fought matches in Monte Carlo last week. Vamos Rafa as always.

  4. It looks as if Rafa has his work cut out for him. Although the Barcelona is only a 500, it should not be taken lightly. Rafa will have strong competition from his compatriots, back-to-back winner Nishikori and other players looking to raise that trophy.

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