VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Stars in New Kia Sportage Commercial

Rafael Nadal continues to show off his acting skills in his most recent commercial for Kia. Watch!

Video: Kia España


  1. Great point Serve Out. It’s one I’ve been making for years about Rafa’s clueless support team. He’s won 14 slams based on pure natural talent and drive. His uncle, aside from introducing him to the sport and teaching him the basics, has just been along for the ride, taking full advantage of his nephew’s misguided loyalty and neophobia. Not having a top-level team finally caught up with him the last two-plus years. But he refuses to do anything about it. To the great dismay and disappointment of his millions of loyal fans.

  2. Rafa was practicing in cozumel, Mexico for the hard court tourneys. For people who are not aware of what the place is, please google. I was there the exact week Rafa was there. Apart from the breathtaking beauty, the place is so damn windy. They had severe high wind warnings that whole week. Either his team is nuts taking such decisions (will not be surprised seeing how much they r helping him with his game).. or hate to say it… but maybe Rafa is just cashing out guys. It will be a surprise if he wins 2 rounds in each of the hard court tourneys (if he even plays in Florida that is). I know I am going to get a lot of hate here for saying this, but i stick my head out and say it anyway.

    • Sure we get a lot of ‘heat’ for speaking the truth. And I agree with you. Rafa is a ‘man’ of rituals and habits, to the extent that it has become obsessive compulsive. He went to Mexico for years….so he goes there again. The only ‘big’ chance that we’ve seen in the last couple of years is that he decided that Halle was not a good idea for him anymore. The bottom line seems to be that if there is no good memory whatsoever, it is OK to get rid of it. The problem with that is, that he’s won almost every big tournament at least once. So he sticks with the rituals and habits of old, believing it worked once, so it should work again.

  3. And lastly remember rafa u have already played against fast and powerful opponents like roger, delpotro, roddick , ivo , soderling etc and u was still able to stand out from them

    i have seen rafa where his unbeleivable shots was applauded by Video persons, camerapersons and at time ball kids

    I have seen rafa which made linesman make amazed by his unbelivable shot making capability

    I have seen rafa making comebacks when we thought he was dead and buried

    • At last, some really positive comments from us Rafa fans, whatever he decides about additional coaching is up to him, he has all the tools at his fingertips just needs to conquer his nerves at crucial moments in the match, we are always with you so, once again all the very best in 2016″ Vamos.👏👏👏🐃🐃👍🇧🇴

  4. Yes tennis become fast but one thing to notice for uncle toni
    rafa has lost 1 or 2 step while chasing
    rafa in 2015 was playing so short
    so above two things will definelty make will ball faster and will give opponents chance to hit powerfully either going inside or from baseline

    Though its good news that from last few months rafa not hitting short and that will definitely help
    the other thing earlier rafa minds works like a computer, 95% times rafa was right in predicting the ball directions and from that he use to set himself ealier to run in that direction and decide what shot he need to play

    And lastly his forehand is not working great deal because of confidence

    Rafa can use slice shot, drop shots, and should come more to nets to make thing a little slower

    And he should spent more tournaments with francis for time being rather than toni

    As i always said it is rafas decision whether he needs a coach or not
    if he dont want i respect it though i have some disagreement

    And lastly i cant predict future but rafa will win more grandslams whether he changes coach or not

    I am missing ur play rafa
    just counting for indian wells

    Vamos rafa vamos
    stay healthy

  5. To Rafa and Fans: Please have a little faith in Rafa. I do believe he needs another voice in his camp, but if that does not happen I still feel that Rafa will find a way to overcome and win!! I truly believe this I would’nt say this if I didn’t. I also feel that he wants to win the French Open more than he may have ever wanted to. I said it a couple of weeks ago, and I still say it: Rafa will win the French Open this June. We will see him lift the trophy and smile and cry when we see him bite it!!!!! Rafa please stay healthy – and I will pray that you have the confidence you need to be victorious. God bless you Rafa. Love, Marylynn

    • I beg to disagree with you Marylynn.
      You cannot depend solely on luck to win any of the slams, talk less of a difficult slam like the FO.
      For whatever reasons, Rafa has decided to …”self-destruct”. I mean, you cannot expect different results doing the same things the same, old ways. And Rafa knows this all too well, but sadly (for whatever reasons) he has refused to embrace change.

      As it is, we are witnessing the twilight days of Nadal. So sad.

      Therefore, i honestly do not see him going beyond the 3rd round in the FO.

      That is the bitter truth. The end is here.

    • If Rafa won’t act soon, it’s gonna be too late.
      I don’t see any “confidence issue” with Rafa which is a very good reason you guys blame after every loss.
      His forehand is shaky, his footwork is much slower, his serve is not good. Is that the “confidence issue” or “technical issue”?

      Rafa is 30 and his body won’t allow him to play defensively like in his prime. That’s just it. Stop fooling yourself.

      Rafa needs a change of coach. He still has potential to win slams but he must act soon.




  7. In his new interview toni nadal said tennis got faster and he don’t know rafa will adapt to this tennis and he just said between the lines he is not a fan of fast tennis

    I am 100 % agree with toni nadal even i dont love this fasr tennis, but the truth is new generation is building on this strategy only using full swings ……..very sad

    But it makes one thing for sure rafa seriously needs to hire someone who can give rafa the confidence and tactics to play in this years of fast tennis ……..
    rafa just cant rely on clay seasons, he is too good on hard courts just needs to adapt to this tennis

    • Tennis has gotten a lot faster? Maybe. The game evolves, but Djoko, Murray, Warwinka and Roger seem unaffected, even though they are older too now. What I know is that Nadal’s serve and Nadal’s forehand, have both gotten a lot slower. And his feet too. So a lot of that faster tennis, is relative. Yes, if you hit forehands with an ineffictive spin at half court nowadays, you will get it back with divided. Very fast tennis. Especially when you stand still.

    • Hi all Rafa fans, I am a little worried about the absence of posts on this site compared to the last one,. Please can we continue to support our favourite tennis player is his hour (s) of need as I am quite sure he will need all the support he can get from those who admire, love him the most and been on his side for many years. Even if it just a ‘Vamos Rafa’ will do, no need for an elongated diatribe or dialgogue, Short and Sweet.

  8. To all Rafa fans, the previous post far exceeded comments than ever before majority reflecting all our disappointments in South America tournaments and the outcomes for Rafa which were not he or us welcomed, so, that said, can we turn this all around before his next tournament at Indian Wells and just let him get on with what he does best and play tennis with all the ability and confidence we know he possesses. He needs our support rather than the advice most of us proferred, rightly or wrongly. Vamos Rafa, we know you can do it.

  9. dear rafa
    i have seen rafa with fire in his eyes and anger on his face
    i have seen rafa with his mind running like a computer for the shot selection
    i have seen rafa getting quickly in position for the next shots and pounce on it like a cheetah
    i have seen rafa whose opponent have already half match lost attitude when u enters a tennis court
    i have seen rafa fighting for each point like his life depends on it
    i have seen rafa who has his attitude 200 % for winning every grandslams
    i have seen rafa who is capable of making comebacks when he is thrown to the corners and when all the chips are down

    i believe in u rafa & sure u can make it, it is not hard to bring back what v had seen in u rafa

    vamos rafa

    have a great health an enjoy

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