VIDEO: Rafael Nadal steals show during trophy ceremony: “I found a new coach today!”

During the trophy ceremony, Rafael Nadal said he found a new coach as he looked for the fan who yelled out at him during the second set.

“I found a new coach today, too. I think he is travelling with me to Australia tonight. I’m sure next time I’m gonna win against Novak with him.”

Watch and enjoy!

Video: Sport17news


  1. IThink that Rafa needssomebody like lvan lendl whoallready has provedhis coachig talend with his workwith Murray.

    • It was evident during the final that if Rafa wants to have a fighting chang
      ce against Djokovic he needs new game plan . A new coach could be the answer . Too many times he has been beaten soundly .

  2. Isn’t it strange how J Beer and Move on so called fans of Rafa appear to surface only when he gets beat but never comment when he wins, please both of you move off this site as you clearly are not true fans of his. I watched the match and at no time did Rafa look afraid of Novak and as far as his comment about a new coach, it is about time he set the record straight, he will not replace Toni as he has won so much with him, he was faced with a near perfect display of tennis by the world number 1 and that is that.

  3. It’s very disappointing and sad to see Rafa angrily and bitterly lashing out at his own fans – fans who are just trying to help him by making a few modest suggestions for improving his game. That’s not the humble Rafa I used to know. Far from it. For him to think that he and his clueless uncle have all the answers is the epitome of arrogance. He still insists that nobody else in the entire world can help him. Not Andre Agassi. Not Jimmy Connors. Not Mats Wilander. Not Pat Cash. Not Larry Stefanki. Not Darren Cahill. Not Paul Annacone. Not any of the legendary players and coaches of the game. Nobody except his clueless uncle can help him. That type of arrogance is exactly why he continues to suffer one devastating beat down after the next at the hands of Novak and will continue to suffer going forward as far as the eye can see. Or – in our favorite player’s case – GOING BACKWARDS!!!

    • Indeed. The looks he gave to Toni during this match told the story: “You said he would miss at some point!”. Really, this match was the big final explosion in which it all came together. The Deep Thinker, Move in or out and good ol’ jolley J Beer can unitedly say “We regret to inform you…but WE TOLD YOU SO!”.

    • Complete asshole. He was not angry. You are a stupid jerk. Be careful because if I run into you it won’t be pretty.

    • Please do not comment Rafa will do his own thing. Winning games and not able to win finals are enabling him to become confident. He had beaten Nos;2 & 3 is the I to go 🙂

  4. Rafa, you gave it your all like you usually do. Have been a fan for so many years I can’t remember. I’ve seen your highs and lows. Winning @ No.1 then dropping down to 8. I believe it is in your spirit to never accept defeat. Love your enthusiasm from the crowds wherever you are playing. Love your comment” It was difficult match”. YOU NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!Novak knows your game so well as you his. he was just better today. This experience will show you your weakness, strengths, serving conditions, ball placements and other coaching tips from Uncle Tony. Not only do I believe in you but all your fans do as well. Am looking forward to the AO knowing you’ll do well. Good luck for health, love and good will in 2016. Your loyal fan Buffy from Arkansas USA.,

  5. Well, watched the match and read all the comments and waited until the dust settled. My view is that Rafa played with great confidence, determination and skill too but he played against the current world number 1, Rafa has recently beaten the world number 2 and number 4 only a few weeks ago AND got to his 99th final, what does that say about his progress!! I very much appreciated his ‘retaliation’ to the spectator who thinks he knows best (along with some of these so called advisors who urge him to get a new coach), and loved his response too which showed his fighting spirit still after the defeat. What class!

    I hope that Rafa or his team read this and know that I have belief in what he is doing to improve his game and will always be on his side and I am not delusional at all but am a realist who has been a fan for the past 11 years or so. Cannot wait for the AO to begin. Vamos Rafa and Toni

  6. a very funny incident to be noted in this match
    After the match when rafa was sitting on his seat and when camera turned to him to show him on big screen majority of crowd in stadium cheered rafa loudly and shown a big love for him and rafa in return waved to crowd
    immediately after that when camera turned towards novak, to show him on big screen there was silence from crowd

    rafa is so lovable and great to watch tennis player

  7. as i was saying in 2015 there is need for rafa to do some adjustment with strings for 2016
    and rafa has already done this year but still i feel that rafa need to do a little more adjustment since he needs to put the balls 1 to 3 feet beyond service box area even when playing long away from baseline . since his core game is defence, and if he can do that then rafa will definitely get a confidence to play aggressive tennis in between when needed
    also rafa please be a little quick on balls and play novak more on his forehand side

    novak is going through good phase so u need to praise him but that doesn’t mean u give up before u play that opponent
    rafa not given up a little till the end even when nole was playing so good
    it was just rafa can’t get a good start in both sets and that make opponent to dictate from early

    can’t wait to see AO 16

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