IPTL 2015: Here’s what Rafael Nadal had to say after beating Roger Federer [VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal is all smiles after his win over Roger Federer and looks back upon the wonderful experience he had in the International Premier Tennis League before departing.

Video: IPTL


  1. I’m a fan of Rafa, not a SYCOPHANT like Debby & Elizabeth who applaud everything he does – right or wrong. Rafa is human. He’s not God. No human is above criticism. Including him. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  2. Roger is being protected once more by not having to face strong player like James. Rather than playing against James, who can take him, he is set out to play against Ivan, who has much less experience and tennis fame, and oddly, James is playing Goran right now. Interesting information bit is that Ivan was coached by the captain of the royals, r ‘s team, and so r will have the advantage of hearing all about Ivan’s game and how to go about his more vulnerable game aspect. Nevertheless less, I am still hoping Ivan will take R…..and take him decisively!!!!! : )
    Grateful Rafa always earned his victories and all his grand slams by his sheer strength and beautiful strong Tennis, not due to any politics and easy draws.
    I am satisfied how Rafa took r both in doubles & singles…..: ) : ) : ) : ) ci….ci….ci…..& ci……
    VAMOS DEAR RAFA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Enjoy your vacation and have a great holiday period!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : )

    • ps: Rafa’s team , Indian Aces are keeping their nice lead at the top, playing great, inspired tennis! Best wishes for more great time tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
      ****** IVO won a lovely victory over roger 6:4 ……*******
      The IPTL TOUR is lots of fun to watch & a great opportunity for players to bond plus a fantastic stage for international Tennis awareness & growth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Enjoy your hoilday in mallorca,hope new year is kind to you and your family,wish it was me going to mallorca,still will be there next year myself about three times I am hoping by for now Glennis in Isle of Man

  4. Exhibition matches like the IPTL are meaningless. Entertaining perhaps, but certainly not a reliable indicator of where any particular player’s game is at. Wake me up when the 2016 season starts.

    • Many of us would prefer if you would stay asleep or find somewhere else to share your complaints and criticisms.
      This is a Rafa Fan Site where the vast majority of us come to share and enjoy the many beautiful moments created by the superb role model for humanity that is Rafael Nadal. If he wins matches, after giving his all on the court, great. If he loses, he is still a fine example of how to carry yourself in the world – as an athlete, and as a person.
      I, like many, am left with more love and admiration for this fine young man after the enjoyment and energy and smiles he gave us the last week. And the many new fans in places of the world where live tennis is new, certainly share these sentiments!

      • Yes Debby, that’s how you are indeed. Opinions that you don’t like, better disappear huh? A very dubious approach. Keep them coming though, I am happy to comment on your opinions.

    • Christmas is coming, try and get into the spirit of the season. A win is a win. I ask what are you doing here, negativity is so draining. Nadalites are positive people!

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