Watch Rafael Nadal’s Priceless Reaction When He Finds Out Bernard Tomic Will Join The Indian Aces

Rohan Bopanna: “Tomic is coming!”

Rafael Nadal: “Bernard? … Close the bar during the night!”

Video: stroppa777


  1. Your absolutely right Diane, Rafa fans have been treated to a early Christmas present . It’s such a joy to see the other side of Rafa ,so relaxed and loving every moment and the respect and banter between all the players is a joy to watch

  2. Rafa ..your always a class act.
    Your team, your dedication to the sport of tennis, and your appreciation of your fans, we thank you.
    May you be blessed in 2016 with good health and a tournament winning year!
    VAMOS RAFA! Merry Christmas 😉
    Luv ya, xoxo

  3. Rafa’s reaction is hilarious! Everyone has to watch this video, so funny! “Where’s the party” Tomic had asked. I didn’t know Bernard was such a funny character! It’s great to see our Champ so happy. Congtatulations to Rafa for his win against Roger! Thank you Rafael Nadal Fans for sharing this video! Vamos Rafa!

  4. The team spirit and enthusiasm from Rafa and his team are just so contagious! Just love it!
    Love this team tennis format and atmosphere for a change of pace from the demands of
    singles tennis tournaments. So much fun to watch and experience.

    Cheers to all and a toast to all the Aces!!!

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