Rafael Nadal gives tennis lessons to kids in Philippines

Rafael Nadal hosted a tennis clinic for children alongside uncle Toni at the Colegio de San Agustin in Makati today. Here are some of the photos.

Rafa, who arrived Saturday night in Manila, is in town along with other tennis superstars like Serena Williams, Ana Ivanovic and Tomas Berdych, for the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) where he will be playing for the Micromax Indian Aces at the Mall of Asia Arena.


  1. Rafa please explain why you are in the Philippines playing tennis. I must have missed a large segment of your time. I disagree with the nay sayers.. Uncle
    Toni may not be an official coach but good lord look what you have accomplished with Toni. So happy to see you smiling and having a good time. You use your good judgment before making any major changes.

  2. “And remember – my coach is more my uncle than my coach.” ~ Rafael Nadal (May 2015)

    Even Rafa himself admits that Toni is not a real coach. A close family relative? Yes. A confidant? Yes. A traveling companion? Yes. But a coach?!?!? Certainly not. Except for tennis newbies like Rafa was 25 years ago. Since then, he’s been a COACH IN NAME ONLY. As Rafa himself readily admits – notwithstanding Maria’s rant to the contrary.

  3. JBeer if you want to give advice it would be sensible to get your facts right first before spouting your nonsense

  4. Rafa Nadal I am living in Madrid and an avid diehard fan of yours. And I am oresent here in Linear Makati Condominium. I would like to see you play with the rest of the players at the Mall of Asia Aren. Please tell me how I can see you and get in touch with you. I don’t want to miss this occasion. Por fabor Rafa dime cuando y como te puedo ver jugar aqui en el Mall of Asia Arena. Espero que contesteis por favor.
    Muchisimas gracias y un fuert abrazo.

  5. Move in or move on you really do need to take your own advice and MOVE on .let’s see you say Rafa should take pat cash,s advice who YOU think is a top coach.Let’s see how many titles did pat cash have in his tennis career 1 Grandslam title that’s it and who has Pat cash (TOP COACH) coached Gregg Rusedski grandslam titles a big ZERO and Mark Philippoussis (WHO ?) grandslams surprise surprise a big fat ZERO look at the list of top tennis coaches of all time and you will see TONI NADAL. Pat cash is desperate to coach Rafa or anybody who will have him but nobody does and having a past in drugs would make him top of anybody, s list

  6. What a lovely surprise to see Rafa on sky sport 2 playing for the Indian aces on the International Premier League Tennis .He is playing in the doubles and singles . Its great to see the pressure off and see him laughing and enjoying himself with his team mates😀

  7. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) Congratulations to you & your fantastic team!!!!!!!!!!!!! You played GREAT with your feisty strong RETURNS & GREAT SERVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) You were fantastic in Doubles & your Singles games & it was exciting to see you groove again on the court!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was beautiful how the crowd welcomed you onto the court even before you stepped out…..just in anticipation of seeing you they went wild!!!!!!!!!!! ci….ci….ci….. your presence in the tour brought a lot of inspiration and great spirits!!!!!!!!!!! Your entire team are amazing……and it was worth getting up at 3 am to watch you LIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!That was precious!!!! : ) I did not dare write comments during the matches as everything was happening fast & I did not want to miss any points…….. I am sure all your fans are delighted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations & have lots & lots of fun tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! VAMOS & God bless you!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of love & happiness to you & uncle Toni , your physio & your IPTL playing TEAM

  8. ICYMI – http://gulfnews.com/sport/tennis/pat-cash-i-would-help-rafael-nadal-but-nobody-has-asked-me-1.1619941

    Great analysis by Cash. Especially his point that Rafa’s decline in form the last 2 years stems from TECHNICAL flaws, not psychological ones(confidence, nerves, etc…).

    Cash is not the only top coach or former player to come to this conclusion. A similar analysis of Rafa’s problems has been offered by Chris Evert, Paul Annacone, Tracy Austin & Larry Stefanki. And last but not least – by yours truly.

    • Exactly! Rafa feels bad because people toy with his short balls. The short balls are the cause and were there before the insecurity.

      • And his short balls are a direct result of his deteriorating tactics & technique – i.e. poor shot selection, balance and racquet follow through.

  9. Thank you RAFA for putting the Philippines on the map of the world of tennis. I am a big fun of yours and it’s my dream to see one Filipino participating in the professional circuit. Your visit will open opportunity to many tennis enthusiast in the Philippines. More grand slam titles for you next year. I’ll put my money in the bank for that.

  10. Bienvenido Team Rafa !!!Rafa thank you for playing in IPTL. You’re such a wonderful , humble ,likeable and a great player on tour. Keep up your good work .. Most of all stay healthy. The Best Of Luck Next Year… VAMOS RAFA !!!

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