Rafa Roundup: Rafael Nadal saddened by tragic attacks in Paris

"Estoy destrozado por todo lo que ha pasado ayer noche en París. Mando todo mi cariño y apoyo a toda Francia y a todos los ciudadanos de París."
“Estoy destrozado por todo lo que ha pasado ayer noche en París. Mando todo mi cariño y apoyo a toda Francia y a todos los ciudadanos de París.”


“I didn’t have injuries during the whole season. I had injuries last year, not this year. I always thought that I would qualify for London but there’s always a chance you won’t,” Nadal said ahead of his seventh season finale.

“At the end of the day it’s good news to be here as No. 5 in the world. After a tough year, if you’re able to arrive at this tournament with that number that says that the level is still there. I need to keep playing the way that I’m playing the last month and a half. I think like this I’m going to be in a good position.”

Nadal was the most animated, and called for total transparency.

‘The only thing in my opinion that would be great is one day we make the results 100 per cent public,’ he said.

‘You ask, “Are the controls enough or not enough?”, and you ask these questions because you don’t really know how many tests I have or Andy or Roger has.

‘If one day the ITF finally decide to make the controls public it will finish all these questions in press conferences.

‘I don’t want to be talking about it. Everybody will know how many we all have. People can decide if that is enough. Even me, I cannot say how many I’ve had this year.’

“I’m trying,” Nadal said, when the host of the ATP draw ceremony observed that his game appeared to be getting better in this otherwise off year for the 14-time Grand Slam champion.




  1. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of France and the families and relatives of the victims. We need to pray for world peace Marylynn

  2. such a beautiful city tainted by these killers. I feel such sadness for the people of that lovely city.
    may all those lost bless their souls and their families at this sad time . Rafa we all echo your words xx

  3. Merci rafa pour ton soutiens et espérons que cela cesse très vite … Merci encore et on te souhaite bonne chance pour le tournoi de LONDRE et vive la final !!! .

  4. I agree completely with you Kathryn even watching the players on tv at the 02 is making me feel uneasy ,but I guess this is the terrorist’s aim this is one tournament I will be glad to see finished . If more people were like Rafa in this world it would be a better place

  5. No tengo palabras para expresar lo que siento por lo que esta pasando Paris. Un lugar al que ido muchas veces. Tienen que hacer algo las autoridades para parar esta racha de acontecimientos tan criminales. Mi corazon esta con ustedes mis queridos franceses, ya que mi padre era frances. SIENTO UN DOLOR INMENSO.

  6. The top tennis players were all just in Paris. It could have been a terrible out come for tennis. The world has become a very scary place. No one will be safe anymore. This group must be stopped. For once all countries must work together to eliminate these terrorists. Rafa is always gracious in his statements. That is why he is so well liked where ever he goes.

  7. Rafael’s lovely words of support for Paris and France shows how emotionally intelligent he is. He is always quick to react in such a genuine and warm manner. All prayers and thoughts for the people of Paris and France who lost dear ones and to the injured. I walked around this beautiful city last week when there for the tennis. This is such an attack on democracy and innocent people.

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