PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal Practicing At The O2 Arena

Here’s a few photos from Rafael Nadal’s practice today.


  1. @Gen, Gen enjoyed reading your posts, very refreshing!!!
    Rafa, I hope you enjoy your match play at 02 this year. I hope the very best of everything for you including the best of luck. Yes, you have given all of your fans so much I cannot begin to list everything but I don’t think I have to because we all know. I hope you get what you want this year, I would be very happy for you – yes, I hope you are the Champion at 02 this year. Whether you are, or aren’t you are and always will be my favorite tennis player and sportsman. God bless you and stay healthy. Love you, Marylynn.

  2. VAMOS DEAR RAFA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Congratulations on this final tour & your fantastic stride forward!!!!!! Have a great time and enjoy your fantastic Tennis !!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Love the practice photos! : )
    VAMOS…………… ! : ) VAMOS……………. ! : ) VAMOS………….. ! : )

  3. I have to say, I understand all the comments here. What MUST be remembered is tennis is a sport, entertainment – a place to escape when life is unbearable. RAFAs’ wins and losses does NOT affect my rent, my salary or anything else that affects my mere existence. His wins makes life for us more fun…………….obviously.

    With all his injuries, to keep coming back and getting over the physical and mental part is just amazing. Someone else would have just given up a lot sooner. He is a fighter by nature, not just to win trophies.

    To me, Rogers’ game seems very natural, like breathing.

    Nole’s game seems like his life depends on it. When he loses a point he goes crazy.

    I admire both guys too, but they are NO RAFA to me.

    RAFA always does his best and accepts sometimes when the results doesn’t mirror his hard work. Reason being, he understands that winning is NOT dependent on him alone, other factors such as his opponent and conditions also has something to say about that. When he plays well the PROBABILITY OF WINNING is higher.

    He’s okay, NOT because he is unprofessional BUT, its NOT the end of the world. He has a life, family other interest to balance his life, just like WE do.

    He is strong in his convictions regarding his team, which is difficult today when opponents change coaches daily. It’s also admirable that he takes full responsibility for his performances. This is the same RAFA from day 1, that has achieved so much.

    That says a lot, and if RAFA doesn’t win anything else I am still proud of what he has brought to the game and I know he’ll still be happy in life just like us, because life goes on and he is prepared for it.

    RAFA fan forever.

    • I agree fully with the analysis and comments.However ,all professionals in Tennis are playing not just for the love of this game…..its their livelihood.Rafa is a unique personality and aplayer who es failure and success is very close to his fans heart. Wish him always the best.

  4. Rafa fans would love nothing more than to see him win all the time but we don’t turn our backs on him when he loses , just like he dosent turn his back on his uncle who made Rafa the winner he is. Everybody knows Rafa would benefit with another coach working along side uncle Toni but we respect his decision either way . If you move in or move out only like winners go and support Novak as I think his character is more suited to you. As for the stupid statement on supporting Rafa if he decided to kill himself see the picture next to your comment take the hint and put a plaster across yours

  5. As Gloria and others have said before me. keep doing what you are doing. improving and getting better all of the time and keep Uncle Toni meantime and all will be back as before/ Your confidence has grown and so will your game Vamos

  6. Rafa not hiring the best coach(es) possible is completely UNPROFESSIONAL and deserves to be sharply criticized by all fans of the game, especially his own. Fans pay their hard-earned money to watch the PRO game. They deserve better.

      • To Sosa Laforge, no more pathetic than you and your friend “move in move on”
        If you don’t like that I post on Federes’s fans webside then try don’t post here anymore

      • To carol: go ahead and post whatever you like on any tennis player’s or on anybody else’s site. Do I care or does it bother me? NO. It is ridiculous that you assume anyone critical of Rafa’s game is Federer’s fan.

  7. RAFA fans support him regardless of wins or losses. We also support the decision that he makes, that’s what fans do. Yes, every fan would love to see RAFA do better in terms of his results based on his lofty standards. However, this is real life and its NOT always peaches and cream.
    Fans accept him as he is, and are willing to go on the ride with him until he retires.

    It is hard for me to see him lose, but you know what, the amount of joy and passion he brings when he plays outweighs the losses. He will be missed when he retires and I would stop watching tennis also. His opponents would miss him too.

    The number of emotions I go through watching his matches just can’t be compared to even when I watch basketball. ( I enjoy basketball also)

    As a RAFA fan at times its a tough place to be, but we don’t want to be anywhere else.

    RAFA fan forever.

  8. Change the record move in or move on you and the thinker twins are getting boring saying the same old thing time and time again .take your own advice and MOVE ON to another player Rafa dosent need people like you putting him and his team down. You always seem to rear your head to comment when he loses but rarely when he wins.Oh sorry I forgot you said you’re a busy person yawn

    • ICYMI – Rafa’s been losing a LOT lately – especially against Top 10 players. Beating the likes of Lukas Rosol is NOT worth commenting on. Unless you have no life.

  9. Rafa is in the far weaker half of the draw, but is still a long shot – at best – to win the tournament. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

    • Yes – you’re a bore, wasting space. The mighty haven’t gone anywhere, but lots of people wish you would. You have nothing to offer of any interest.

      • There’s nothing more “BORING” than: “I love you Rafa” … “you’re the greatest Rafa” … “you’re so cute Rafa” … “you can do no wrong Rafa” … “you’re getting better all the time Rafa” ….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • Move in or Move on, you never can read so many ridiculous comments like on Federer’s fans webside, what a……..hahaha

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