Rafa Roundup: ‘I’ve been through some tough times, but I’ve overcome them,’ says Nadal

Photo via ATP World Tour
Photo via ATP World Tour


“For the first time in my career I was not in control of my nerves or my emotions out on court. I’ve been through some tough times, but I’ve overcome them”, said Nadal.

“These were things I struggled to overcome. During the past two months I think I’ve been doing things as I used to, hitting the ball how I feel I should, controlling my anxiety and enjoying myself again out on court”, he continued.

Nadal pointed out that it was the knee, back and wrist injuries that he has suffered in recent years which led him to doubt himself. “You lose your self-confidence, you demand more of yourself and things get complicated. It’s been seven very tough months during which time I struggled to regain my mental state”, he said.

This season could easily go down as one of Rafael Nadal’s worst. But for a player as accomplished as Nadal, that simply means not winning a major—not even Roland Garros. He spent time at No. 10, a position most players would dream of, even if Nadal’s fans think it nightmarish. He played in some smaller events this year to try to regain his rhythm and confidence, and it worked. He still managed to secure a number of wins against the Top 10.

The 29-year-old Spaniard qualified for the 11th straight year (13-11 record) and in his last appearance in 2013, reached final (l. Djokovic) after going 4-0 with wins over No. 3 Ferrer, No. 8 Wawrinka, No. 6 Berdych and No. 7 Federer. Ranked No. 1 at time (also in 2010).


  • Rafael Nadal attends Banco Sabadell event in Palma de Mallorca (November 9)



  1. I will again not comment on rafa changing/adding new member to his team …..since rafa knows best what needs to be done
    The tennis game itself got evolved so much ….such as ball bashers….acers …..rafa not finding the correct position to hit the down the line forehand …..
    But one thing i dont like recently toni nadal made comment that they are setting target for 2016 roland garros ….
    Question is why not australian open 16 …..
    Rafa can do so much on this surface seeing is recent form
    Rafa is not a one slam guy though rg gives him lots of confidence
    Rafa please set ao 16 ur next goal
    Remember rafa ur play in 3rd set of ao 14 in finals
    I want u repeat such type of play more often against ball bashers

  2. I must say I agree with Kathryn branch – Rafa, you are inclined to speak out which is good; however, I think you have expressed enough about your own struggles this past year or so. You know how you feel and how you are feeling and I think that is good enough. Your fans love you and respect you and we all know what a good person you are ; you generate an aura of decency, kindness and honesty and above all love; those qualities speak for you. Think positive and speak positive and enjoy tennis and play with passion. Above all, I pray you remain in good health and pain free. But, yes, refrain from telling the press about your struggles – put them behind you, but knowing social media, they will ask you anyway, no need for you to volunteer anything more. BEST OF LUCK at the World Tour Finals. I hope you win it this year Rafa. God bless you. Love, Marylynn.

    • I agree with you Marylynnbut at the same time he,s not letting it stick inside of him ,he,s letting it out, which is good he,s now no 5 in the world which is a great achievement for him as you said his decency ,straigtforwardness, and all round good guy is just superb There will never be another player like him , Hope he does well at the World tour Finals even if he doesn,t win he.s right up there with likes of Novak ,Stan Roger and Andy so it speaks well of his never say die attitude.Go well Rafa Vamos,

  3. I’m glad you’ve re-gained your self-confidence, and wish you the very best of accomplishments from now on!!! But, please know that your fans always support you–win or lose!!! VAMOS RAFA!!!

  4. Stay strong; whatever doubts that were lingering are overshadowed by your stellar achievements. Good luck and stay healthy😀

  5. Rafa you have been very honest for months. A word to the wise, enough. You are not obligated to say anything negative more about yourself. You are back to feeling emotionally yourself. Best at the year end and 2016.

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