Rafael Nadal loses China Open final to Novak Djokovic [PHOTOS]

Rafael Nadal’s quest for his second title in Beijing was ended today by a 2-6, 2-6 defeat in the final against Novak Djokovic.

After the match, Rafa said: 

I have to say congratulations to Novak, he’s having one of the best seasons in the history of our sport.

For me, it’s also been a very positive week.

I’ve been improving every single match and all the matches are good practice for me and especially the victories (because they) are a lot of positive energy for next year. (via Reuters)


  1. The last thing Rafa needs at this stage of his career is to be coddled and comforted by infatuated, sycophantic, worshiping fans. All that does is ease the pain of losing and persuade him to accept it, and – by all appearances – even embrace it.

  2. dont worry, rafa game will answer all
    novak is on moon and why not he should
    but one thing i will say
    a thought from his serbian great
    “our virtues and failings r inseparable, like force and matter. when they separate, man is no more” – Nikola tesla

    rafa and stan can provide a great challenge and actually overcome what ever he tries to play

    and fact is even novak know this and had a great respect for them

    vamos rafa

  3. Good evening dear Rafa fans, sorry to post again here today but having read some of the unpleasant comments I think the only way to discourage irrelevant comments here is to simply pass by them as if they were never written….no response….no reaction…..no attention. At this precious time when Rafa just achieved so much I urge all of us fans to please not respond…..for sure they will write but eventually if none us replies to their doubting garbage than there is a slight chance they will post on other players sites. As everyone else here, I am so proud of Rafa Nadal & his AMAZING TOP GAME….& I ask all of you regular fans to over pass the nasty, and doubting comments. I am pretty tired of reading them and if everyone helps together we can rid this site from such unnecessary unpleasantness. It is not the disagreement that get obnoxious but the tone and the lack of regard & respect as well as the timing….such mean spirited comments seem rather malicious & intentional and that is why it seems they are written by Fed’s or other player who is unhappy & miserable no matter what they have or achieve……it is pure nasty to write discouraging messages & there is no room for it on Rafa’s fans site.
    To end on a happier note….I am so excited that Rafa played the FINALS ON HARD COURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) God bless him!!!! : )

    • J. Beer,
      Dont get worked up over nothing.
      See, characters like myself, Deep Thinker (actually my cousin) and Move in Rafa or Move out, tell the truth about Rafa. U guys, on the other hand, tell things that he’d like to hear, not really the truth. We however say it as it is, so that Rafa can sit up and not sleep on his past glory,

      It is actually the likes of you that have made Rafa settled for less because you never tell him the truth; you never tell him how to improve or constructively crticise him. You keep sweet talking him even when he’s doing poorly.

      We are actually the true Rafa fans unlike fanatics like yourselves.

      • My comments above were actually meant for Fan Love and not J. Beer who is a true Rafa fan.

      • Exactly. A true fans wants the win and nothing less. Somebody who applauds losses basically invites rafa to become a spectator himself.

      • Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis said it best: “Just win, baby. Just win.”

  4. I hate to sound like a broken record, but Rafa is in complete denial about his game. He says that he’s “IMPROVING” after a 6-2, 6-2 blowout loss to Novak. Is he joking? Is he drinking or smoking something that he shouldn’t? How can he be so delusional? Novak won 62 points to his 43 today. That’s a blowout loss if there ever was one. And yet, he continues to insist that he’s “improving”. If that’s improving, then I’m Pete Sampras posting under ‘Move In Rafa Or Move On’. Or Andre Agassi. Take your pick.

  5. Please see below Novak Djokovic’s accurate analysis of Nadal’s game and which also explains how he has always been able to beat Nadal:

    ‘I think I maintained that level of aggressivity and strength and power in my shots, and eventually I knew that he’s going to make mistakes and he’s going to give me shorter balls so I can dominate the rallies, which happened.” – Novak Djokovic

    So sad, So sad. So sad.

    • no one ever accused Novak of being humble…..
      Actually, truth be told, as you could see Rafa stood up to him w enormous power in a point by point match….. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!! : ) That was such an unbelievable match!!!! : )

      • To Fan love: What are you on? definitely something is wrong with you. you call it unbelievable match?
        Djoker owned Rafa which is unbelievably sad and frustrating.

    • Good point Great Thinker. Novak’s analysis echoes almost word-for-word what I said earlier this week about him having a very clear game plan – hit the ball hard and deep at every opportunity – thanks to his excellent coaching staff. Rafa, on the other hand, seems to have no game plan other than to get the ball back into play and hope that his opponent misses. That strategy may work against 2nd and 3rd tier players, but it certainly doesn’t work against Top 5 players, whom Rafa is now 0-6 against this year – winning ZERO out of 13 sets played. It can’t get any worse than that, although some might disagree based on today’s performance.

  6. LOVE THE PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) & the unshaven look!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) Really cool!!!!! VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) I am so happy for you and like your dear fans say….you will clime back up… & truly, your game is so top…top…top…..and today was a victory for you CI…….CI…… It was clear and obvious how tight & close the match was….. and so with your beautiful character & genius tennis, strength & motivation YOU WILL clime up!!!! Enjoy EVERYTHING and have fun celebrating your magnificent tennis!!!!! Very impressive….you truly make records with your determination & passion for Tennis…..and also with your charitable heart!!!! VAMOS SWEETHEART & have a great time In Shanghai….. !!!!!!!!
    Lots of love & happiness !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. It is very sad to see what has become of ONCE A GREAT TENNIS PLAYER named Rafael Nadal. A player that doesn’t believe in himself anymore. A player that completely has accepted that he is finished and his best years are behind him.

  8. Rafael needs a new coach just as Djokovic got Becker and became more aggressive to beat Dominick he must attack the net more he only came intwice. He is better off taking more chances or nothing will change

    • Agree. he needs a new coach and sport psychologist. embarrassing defeat. He couldn’t take one set from Djoker. Rafa is transformed to a pathetic loser. YES I am huge FAN of him and I know he can beat Djoker IF he hires a good coach and see a sport psychologist.

  9. Happy for you rafa. I was like a little kid waiting for you to get on the courts. Happy for you, to be back in the finals. Don’t worry, you played great. Time is the best.🌷 healer . You will triumph once again.

    Just believe in yourself , and keep going. All your fans are right behind you.

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee you Rafa.💖.

    Big God bless .
    Love your smile.

  10. Dearest Rafa: Great effort I pray nothing serious with your foot. And I must agree with diane: Rafa was was calm. cool and collected in this tournament. No nerves! Very composed! He was not struggling mentally and he played with intensity, and I was very happy about that. Rafa has the tools to get back to number 1, I am very certain of this. In my opinion, and I am NOT a tennis expert, but when watching the match I noticed that Rafa hit alot to Novak’s backhand say 3 or 4 times in a row & Novak would hit a return to Rafa’s backhand in such a way that Rafa couldn’t run around it and use his forehand – Djokovic is not giving him the opportunity to use his forhand which is his best weapon & when he does get to use his forehand he needs to hit a winner, as this will really build his confidence. Of course Rafa knows this, and he needs to find a consistent way to counteract this. I know that he will – and I know that he is up to the challenge that’s what makes him so Special!! Good luck in Shanghai Rafa, please stay healthy and keep believing in yourself = you will soon overcome. God bless you. I love you. Marylynn

  11. RAFA you had a positive week, you’re great, and loved so much. You WILL recover your best game, because all RAFA fans will continue to support you.

    I am so sorry that TROLLS do not have another site to go to, but come on a RAFA site to be mean, which is unnecessary.

    TROLLS, do yourself a favour and support your favourite player by visiting their site.

    RAFA fan forever.

  12. Fantastic that Rafael is in the final. Keep fighting in Shanghai! Some of these haters not only need to question their purpose here, but also sign up for English

  13. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) You played GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Very close match…..… BEAUTIFUL…score is not reflective ……had brilliant shots & top top competitive game!!!!! Congratulations again for making the Finals dear Rafa & coming up with your AMAZING Tennis!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) There is always the next tour …………You are blessed with your outstanding steadfast relevant Tennis!!!!!!! : ) Loved watching your focus & determination !!!!!! YOU are the best competitor out there…..making stunning shots right to the very last shot……. KUDOS !!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Best wishes sweetheart moving forward to your next tour!!!!!! : ) Take care of the foot & God bless you!!!! Best regards & enjoy your efforts & great tennis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : )

  14. Super great tournament for Rafa especially on the hard courts. Extremely satisfied
    he made the finals again on hard court surface. According to the commentators he hadn’t
    made a hard court final since January of last year so this is a huge triumph for him.
    He was very calm and collected throughout the match. As a matter of fact, I saw Rafa
    was calm. cool and collected in all his matches during this tournament. No nerves! Very

    Congrats to Novak. His long, flat laser-like ground-strokes are so accurate. He has that
    down to a science. Rafa fought hard and is making terrific strides and improvements.
    Great shot-making from both. I’m really thrilled for Rafa.

  15. The scoreline does not do Rafa justice. He fought hard and the forehand was good. Don’t be disheartened Rafa as Novak is having a great year and it’s practically impossible for anyone to beat him. You are on the right track and still progressing. Vamos Rafa!

    • Yes, excellent match, he’ll need to play like this in Shanghai where he has a tough match right from round 1.

    • Not surprising. Novak is the best tennis player on earth right now. Its unrealistic to expect Rafa to beat him or get close to him. Rafa may not be the player he used to be anymore so dont expect too much from Rafa. Just accept it as a fact and move on.

      Btw, the gap is widening between Novak and the rest of the field, and Rafa is one of them.

    • U r wrong gap is narrowing btw rafa and novak in h2h rafa still in edge over rafa
      Dont worry rafa will widen the gap next time he face novak in terms of h2h
      Vamos rafa

    • Post your nasty opinions on Djokovich and Federer’s website. You are not a Nadal fan so

      Vamos sick of your negativity. You are very quiet when Rafa has a good win so buzz off

    • At least if you persist on maintaining your obnoxious presence on this site, learn to spell, which is the first step in being taken at all seriously.
      It’s gap, not gab, which you continue to idiotically post.
      Fase, seriously? I guess you mean “phase?”

      Maybe you should heed your own advice for Rafa, and take on some help of your own, like an English tutor.

  16. I still say rafa and stan got that factor to end novak great times
    For rafa forehand now needs to be working

    • Agree w you fan Ashish…..”……. rafa and stan got that factor to end novak great times”….. Well put!!!! Rafa’s brilliant returns were mighty impressive & he has effective, speedy answers to Novak’s serve ………Overall, Rafa’s game was fantastic!!!!!: )

  17. At first: hopefully his feet is ok!

    Novak is just to good at the moment:( Hard to accept but this is the true. Rafa fought great, played some good points but at the end Novak was to good.

    Take rest and all the best for Shanghai! We are always with you. Vamos Rafa <3 <3 <3

  18. U hve not won, but won hearts of many

    Never mind rafa just continue the same way and sooner no one can stop u
    Scoreline dont tell much about match

    But is a proof that tennis is such a boring without u

    U r a such a inspiring person i ever watched

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