VIDEO: Rafael Nadal hits tweener against Novak Djokovic

Amazing point between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal including tweener in the China Open final – watch:

Video: TennisTV


  1. Roger fans are so nasty… Roger and Rafa have such Admiration for each other …but his fans are so Jealous of Rafa that they resort to childish nasty comments….Rafa fans are more like Rafa .. Humble, Polite and don’t stoop to such demeaning remarks that are hurtful and just plain nasty.

  2. was an amazing tweener by Rafa just sad he was on the other side of the court and Joker got the ball right across the net ! Joker is not toying with Rafa it’s tennis game volley while Rafa is on the other side, Rafa played like this and beat Joker especially at 2013 US Open and won ! I appreciate it very much to see Rafa on tour I don’t really care if he win a title or slam any more ! Good luck Rafa

  3. jbeer, painful is to watch how many times Rafa has beaten your fav lol. This year has played bad but be sure that soon you will be more and more upset

  4. Funny how the Beer boy only pops up when Rafa loses..scram back to Rogers page troll ..Fed fan boy…leave Nadal to his real fans

    • yes….I agree Linda arnold….all along it seems so….. and I suspect all the nasty comments are made by Fed ‘s associates….. you can sense the intense undertone of the similar tension & unhappiness Fed has during matches….

  5. ps: Great PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) Love the unshaven look!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) Really cool !!!!! : ) VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) I am so happy for you……. and like your dear fans say….you are climbing up… & truly, your game is so top…top…top…..and today was a victory for you CI…….CI…… It was clear and obvious how tight & close the match was….. and so with your beautiful character & genius tennis, strength & motivation YOU are on the right high steps leading forward. Enjoy EVERYTHING and have fun celebrating your magnificent tennis!!!!! Very impressive….you truly make records with your determination & passion for Tennis…..and also with your charitable heart!!!! VAMOS SWEETHEART & have a great time In Shanghai….. !!!!!!!!
    Lots of love & happiness !!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE all the kind comments from your fans!!!!! : ) : )

    • J Beer You are not a Rafael Nadal supporter so leave your comments elsewhere. Rafael Nadal is one class person and that will endure. He is also a 14 times Slam winner.

      • For the first time ever, the Great Thinker (uncle to the prodigious Deep Thinker) supports Lizzy 100%!
        However, it will suffice to suggest that Rafa should preferably withdraw from the Shangai masters to (1) Rest, go a fishing and take care of his injured foot and Maria Perello, an amazingly beautiful lady (2)….and this is perhaps the most important reason, to protect his Head to Head with Novak which is now at 23:22 and may therefore not endure for too long like a ”one class person” (permit me to humbly quote from your statement above).

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