Rafael Nadal appears in the latest issue of People magazine

Rafael Nadal in People Magazine 2015 (2)

A 14-time Grand Slam champion, Rafael Nadal is best known for the power and passion he brings to every stroke of his game. But thanks to a steamy new ad campaign from Tommy Hilfiger, these days he’s also serving up some serious sex appeal. Flashing a flirty smile and a rack of rock-hard abs, the 29-year-old Spaniard had no trouble baring his all during the shoot near his hometown of Manacor on Spain’s island of Mallorca. “We had some fun,” says Nadal, who does a slow striptease in the TV spots before playfully tossing his tighty-whities at the camera. And the tennis star, who will be front and center at the US Open this month, is already planning his next big move: opening a tennis academy for young players on Mallorca in May 2015. “I’ve had the chance to enjoy a lot of every special experiences in my career,” he says. “It’s great to feel the support of the people when you’re on court.” (by Jessica Fectau, PEOPLE magazine, September 2015)


  1. Hi there All, Deep Thinker here again.

    I predicted that Rafa Nadal will exit before the quarters and it sure did happen.
    I predicted again that Serena will not win the US Open and yet it happened !

    Now, I’m predicting that Roger Federer will win his 18th GS title tommorrow and it will also happen.

    Deep Thinker can never be wrong.

    Life is more important than Tennis.

  2. I was shocked not to see Uncle Toni with Rafa in that TH ad. I thought they were inseparable.

  3. Good morning & VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!! : ) : ) God bless you & your family.

    ps: I was watching your US Open matches & enjoyed it all over again!!!! Starting w B. Coric…….and all the way to the last match…..all matches were solid & beautiful!!!!!! Your strength & Returns & everything about your tennis is impressive & strong!!!!! During the last 5 set match, the crowd was w you all the way & very excited to be watching you play your powerful game!!!!!! I noticed when you were serving to close the match, on the 3rd set, the crowd wanted more….and they began cheering for the other…. simply they wanted a longer match…… it is a bummer but it happens every once in a while that they cheer the one behind……….THE GREAT NEWS is that you were there, you competed and you competed very well right to the last point!!!!!! During all your matches the crowds were pouring in……filling up whichever court you were playing…..and during your Tommy Hilfiger ADS event, and your entire stay in NYC, YOU were THE apple of the crowd…..and the Cherry of your fans………… YOU ARE A WINNER !!!!!!!: ) I miss seeing you on the courts & the US OPEN is rather spiritless & boring with out you…….,Thanks to ESPN3 REPLAY, I am thrilled to be viewing your matches. Dear RAFA, as we know, it all worked out just right in the Open timing wise, God bless you….. and your next tournament will be even more powerful moving forward!!!!!!: ) : ) ci….ci….& ci….. Viewing all your Open matches is both inspiring & SO much fun….. & AS importantly, it is very clear your entire readiness is ALL there!!!!! VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!! : ) All TOP TOP TENNIS & very TOP level …… KEEP ENJOYING MOVING FORWARD!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) What you have is all you need dear Rafa, and next time you play will be a happy treat for all of us fans!!!!!!!!!!! : )
    VAMOS & God bless you sweetheart!!!!! : )

  4. Rafa is hot and sexy has a great personality on/off the tennis court ! With a gorgeous body like his perfect abs and biceps Rafa is a hot model ! Love the TH model ad. Rafa rocks !

  5. Love your natural self Rafael. You look great, but don’t get too sexy, leave something to the imagination?. Do ask Maria? Hope we get to see you playing in the Davis Cup on TV. Love n God bless. Your Aussie Abuela. πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡

  6. Rafa looks incredible well in a could have been a tricky ad. It is amazing that Rafa also is a born model and actor. The face he puts at the end of the ad is unforgettable!! so cute , innocent and funny!! Congrats to Rafa and all the people involved in this campaign!!

  7. Only Rafa could pull off this Helfinger ad in such good taste! Why? Rafa is very comfortable in his skin! He has a very healthy outlook about relationships in the broadest sense possible. His actions are without artifice, emanating from a spiritual core that belies his age, thereby enabling him to be free from the usual unease to which most of us fall prey should “public exposure” threaten. Following Rafa is never boring!

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