Rafael Nadal Plays Table Tennis At The New York Palace Hotel [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

Yesterday in New York City, Rafael Nadal played table tennis against ucle Toni and Malin Pettersson, a 14-time Swedish tennis table champion, among others.

In case you didn’t know: Rafael Nadal is also a very talented ping pong player. 🙂 Watch!


7 thoughts on “Rafael Nadal Plays Table Tennis At The New York Palace Hotel [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

  1. Shirley Taya

    RafaeI hope you wear your green outfit to play. I like to see you n Roger Federer together. You both always seem to be sharing a joke? I will be praying for you tonight. Vamos Rafael.


  2. Interesting that Rafa is playing table tennis. Remind him that the late,great Brit tennis player Fred Perry won the World Table Tennis Championship in 1929 before he began to excel at lawn tennis. The two sports are not thought to complement each other but biographers of Perry explain that tabletennis was psychologically beneficial to Perry. It vastly heightened his self confidence at a time when class distinction was a big factor in lawn tennis. It took umpteen championships ( US Open, Wimbledon both three times,the French Open and the Australian Open ) before the snobs at Wimbledon really accepted Perry, a working class kid with a Labour MP for a Dad. I loveit. Go. Rafa Go.
    from all your fans in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Jean Palmer


  3. Elizabeth Howard

    Rafael Nadal is definitely the star attraction in New York, what a guy! He is so talented and brings such fun and presence to every occasion . Vamos Rafaaaaaa


  4. alain

    salut rafa , classe la tenue et le tennis de table va te manqué maintenant … LOL
    Prêt pour l’us open , vamos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rafa allez fait leur voir que tu reste le meilleur de tout les temps …….


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