VIDEO: Rafael Nadal prepares for ‘no rest’ and hard summer

Sadly it is true that everything eventually comes to an end. After a short holiday with family and friends, Rafael Nadal is back on the court preparing for the rest of season. His next stop on the ATP Tour will be Hamburg, and after that our champ is scheduled to play Masters tournaments in Montreal and Cincinnati followed by the U.S. Open.

Vamos Rafa!

Video: IB3


  1. good o see you so positive , but you should practise not with Tony but with a real hot player .yes I do value your uncle but he is not quick enough on court, sorry, needs to be said .
    but love you and wish you well ,for this other half of the yearxx

    • Painful buy true remark. And then again that look on his face after another loss. Stop practicing with cake. Hit with hard hitters instead.

  2. This idea to play in Hamburg reminds me of the desperate actions of Federer two years ago. Those did not lead to success and I am not positive for Rafa either. The smarter move would have been to train on HC full time with the new coach. When will he be announced by the way?

  3. Such great short clip : ) : ) Rafa you are so precious….!!!! : ) ci….ci…. so nice to see you practice in your home country & your natural elements…..God bless you!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : )

  4. Good for you Rafa….Keep on trucking….you are a champion among men, not just tennis players. We love you dearly….The Winnipeg Fan Club.., alll oldies but goodies. Watching tennis is just not the same for us unless you are in the picture. Will try to make it to Montreal Lots and lots of love from us all……

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