Wimbledon: Watch highlights from Rafael Nadal’s straight sets win over Thomaz Bellucci

Relive the opening round action between No.10 seed Rafael Nadal and Thomaz Bellucci on No.1 Court.

Video: Wimbledon


  1. Well said Heather Baker…. : ) Made me smile : ) : ) : )
    The nice news is we see our dear Rafa & his devoted professional team stay relevant & continue to bring about solid results & success as Rafa keeps moving forward delighting the world w his wonderful presence on the court!!!! : ) He is by far the most beloved player!!!! That takes more than Tennis technique & trophies…. As fans, we are all thrilled to see his steadfast determination & precious time on the court!!!! His complete engagement w each point is a Tennis gift we all enjoy & take time to be interested in.
    Some former old players chose (or choose) to use drugs & their lack of sensibility and tact is evident. Therefore, as Tennis fans we must not consider their discussion of Rafa’s routines and blessed brilliant tennis career. Toni Nadal is highly regarded & well respected for his amazing fortitude as a coach!!!! He has given his expertize, passion and time and accomplished so much…..best of all he brought the world the best tennis player we all love & enjoy watching!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!! : )

  2. McEnroe should comment on the game and leave Rafa’s personal habits out of the discussion. He was a poor roll model, behaved like a brat and never achieved what Nadal has. Go Rafa go As the crowd showed their love and respect for Rafa so McEnroe shut your trap and Mary Joe keep your opinions to yourself you achieved even less in your time as a
    tennis player you were soooo boring to watch

  3. There were some very interesting comments by the analysts on ESPN today which echo some of the things I’ve been saying for quite a while.

    Former world-ranked #1 John McEnroe said that Rafa should drop his numerous rituals in order to save energy and keep his focus on the match instead of his bottles, hair, shorts, towels, ball-bouncing before serving, walk-pattern when changing sides, etc. I couldn’t agree more.

    Former world-ranked #4 Mary Joe Fernandez said that the best way to handle a drop in confidence like Rafa has suffered is to “bluff”, in other words, fake it – try to act, think, and talk positively even if you don’t really feel that way. As a former inter-collegiate player and club pro myself, I can say from first-hand experience that this advice usually works like a charm.

    But hey, what do McEnroe & Fernandez know. Who needs ’em. Uncle Toni has all the answers. He was world-ranked # …… oops …… never mind.


    • And how many slams have J Mac and Fernandez COACHED a player too? Is it more than 14????

      Rafa will NEVER change his coach, whether you like it or not. Your arrogance that you are so convinced you know better than Nadal’s coaching staff is hilarious.

      • Yeah keep attacking the realists here. Rafa again lost like a total chanceless loser today. No good tips whatsoever from Toni. Nada.

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