Rafael Nadal Wimbledon 2015 Nike Outfit

Two-time champion Rafael Nadal will give everything in his power to win another title at Wimbledon. How far will he go we will find out soon by watching him in this all white outfit on grass at All England Club. Vamos Rafa!


  1. Dear Rafa: If you read the posts on this fan site I know that you would feel a sense of pride and comfort. Everyone is truly fond of you and that is saying it in a modest way; I think everyone loves you. I love you as if I’ve known you personally all of your life. I know that everyone wishes you the very best in this tournament. I just want you to be in good physical health and have a positive mind-set. I pray for you to be confident and as calm as you need to be, and that you are able to serve at your best during this tournament. I pray too, that you have the presence of mind and the ability to play the way you need to play to be victorious and also that you have a good feeling when you walk on court for each match. I want you to win this tournament. I know that you are capable of winning it, I only hope that you believe that you are, and that you are confident enough to play the way you know you need to play to win it. God Bless you Rafa, and the best of luck as well. Love, Marylynn.

    • Today you step onto the grass once more and I wish you well,I hope god gives the positive thoughts that your fans are sending to you ,do your best Rafa ,okay with the power of the millions of fans in your hands and you will be victorious , go for your shots Rafa ,be positive and creative ,and kick ass .

  2. “Que Serra Serra Whatever Will Be Will Be”. You have a beautiful Smile Rafa n thousands would kill to be able to smile like you Win or Lose! I am an old lady n look upon you as my fourth grandson. You have a lovely close family as I do. I pray for you n wish you well. Vamos Rafa at Wimbledon. Your Aussie Abuela. 😄😄

  3. Yes that is something extra special about RAFA NADAL he always looks IMMACULATE IN HIS ‘NIKE DESIGNED OUTFITS’ vibrant colours, and everything matches, his headbands, socks and his ‘NIKE’ designed shoes, with tops and shorts that are nicely designed to fit his ‘slender tanned physique’ I have been a passionate fan since his career began, and that was one of the first things I noticed was his dress. I think he is ‘all style and class’ and that he tops the list of best dressed tennis players with Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic close behind, those three are the best but Rafa tops my list. Whenever you see him whether its at practice or on the street he always looks so neat and tidy…So meticulous in everything he does, as we know about his ‘drink bottles’ having to be put back into the exact position facing the court, having two towels which some complain about, but its because he ‘sweats’ more profusely then most players, and all his little routines and habits that have become part of who he is, I don’t mind his little rituals when you are a fan, you see the bigger picture, and those little things don’t really matter, RAFA will always be the way he was raised to be, polite, courteous and considerate well mannered and as I read once Rafa is the son that every mother dreams of…….

  4. Love you Rafa – 68 years old and have a wild crush on you – my best to you in all your matches.

  5. Smart outfit Rafa ,,,,but then Rafa always looks smart ,,,,sending you positive vibes Rafa ,I’m off to church in the morning I’ll be saying an extra prayer that god will sit on your shoulder throughout the tournament and give you the strength and vision to play with confidence ,

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