Wimbledon 2015 draw: Rafael Nadal begins against Thomaz Bellucci as Murray and Federer await

Photo via Wimbledon
Photo via Wimbledon

The Wimbledon draw is out. Rafael Nadal,  seeded tenth, will play Brazil’s Thomaz Bellucci in the first round at Wimbledon, and has been drawn in the same quarter as Andy Murray.

Before any potential meeting with the Scot, Rafa could face David Ferrer in the fourth round and in the second round possibly qualifier Dustin Brown, the German who beat him for the loss of just five games on the grass of Halle last year.

Our champ is seeded to meet David Ferrer in the fourth round, while seven-time champion Roger Federer is his projected semi-final opponent. Top seed Novak Djokovic is on the other side of the draw.

Rafa’s potential route to the final:

  • 1st round: Thomaz Bellucci
  • 2nd round: Dustin Brown
  • 3rd round: Viktor Troicki
  • Last 16: David Ferrer
  • Quarter-final: Andy Murray
  • Semi-final: Roger Federer
  • Final: Novak Djokovic

Who do you think has the toughest draw? Who has the best chance of reaching the final? Comment below!

Source: ATP World Tour


  1. rafa could possibly face Vasek Pospisil in the 4th round…a dangerous opponent with great movement…heavy ground strokes and a bomb for a serve.

  2. For the first time in years RAFA FANS are not quite sure what to expect, he has had the worst form all this year, but as always ‘ready to keep practicing and doing his utmost to find his best form again, there is no player that works harder at his game than he does, and WIMBLEDON hasn’t been kind to him with draws for the past 4 years..there is always someone to upset him, I only recall Roger Federer exiting early when STAVHOSKY defeated him two or three years ago, all the top players like NOVAK AND ANDY especially, are lucky their draws don’t have those little unexpected surprises, and now that RAFA has dropped to 10th in the Rankings just brings more frustration and bigger hurdles for him to over come. There is such a big difference being ranked World No 1 and World No 10 when it comes to ‘Draws’. RAFA FANS always hear the same story every year at WIMBLEDON his early exits always the main focus, like that’s all they ever remember about him. Why not think of the best tennis matches every played between Rafa and Roger in 2006 and 2007 with Rafa finally winning in 2008 many say the best tennis match of all time, when RAFA was a young 22 and was playing sensational tennis, and on his way to conquer the tennis world, in the days when he played in Carribean 3/4 pants sleeveless tops and the longer hair with the trademark headband, those are the moments to recapture and talk about at WIMBLEDON lets those early exits fade into OBSCURITY PLEASE ….on to better memories as all RAFA FANS WOULD LIKE…VAMOS RAFA GO OUT THERE AND REMIND WIMBLEDON WHO YOU REALLY ARE……

  3. wow that’s a tough draw 🙁
    Bellucci is a dangerous 1st opponent indeed. For Brown, I think Rafa losing last year was just a one of. There is no evidence Brown’ll even qualify for the 2nd round. I don’t think Ferrer will make it. I am betting on Fognini.
    If Rafa ends up winning he would probably have to beat number 1, 2 and 3 in the world and all of them past Wimbledon champions! How could would that be??!! <3
    Tough draw indeed

  4. If Rafa can make it to QF’s then he should prevail over Murray given the overall edge he has. I know Rafa faltered against Berdych in Aus and Djoker in Paris but Murray will feel the nerves facing Rafa in front of the english crowd.

  5. For J Beer and Deep Thinker…u guys need to get together..drink a Beer and Think about this site. This Is for Rafa supporters and fans. Rafa has alot of accomplishments before and after injuries. If you both feel you are better than he is…get on the court!!! Best of Luck to Rafa..VAMOS!!!

    • Nope, wrong again. Being a fan is in your opinion supposed to give all praise and empty statements like ‘you’re great, no matter how you play’ etc. There are also fans who analyze what is going on with Nadals tennis level and it is not good at the moment. “He looks great in training”, yeah sure. Did you see those FH’s low in the net against Haase? That’s the difference between Rafa in slam finals and Rafa going out in week 1. And that’s exactly why we unfortunately can expect him to go out early at Wimbledon. “All is well with Rafa”, suuuuuuuure. For you all is well with Rafa when you see him hand in hand with his GF at parties or jumping in the see. For me that’s irrelevant nonsense. The tennis player Nadal disappeared right after that 4 set win over Djoko at RG last year. Yes, he had an injury, as relatively small one actually. And yes, he had an appendix op, but that’s not a back surgery or a shoulder relocation. The excuses are gone. Time to face reality.

  6. Nightmare for opponents! Rafa’s time to shine again….3rd wimbledon, 15 th grand slam title to break the tie with the great pete sampras! Best of luck. You have our support rafa. See in in december for the iptl 😊

  7. I have already listed a comment but I took an hour to watch a few older years and matches.
    Rafa if you really want to win and you have the good health and same motivations you will win. Never mind the nay Sayers look to yourself for the answer. I wish you always the best.

  8. I don’t want to pick on anyone – but I am honestly baffled why J Beer and Deep Thinker are on this site. There are many sites with people that love to hate on Rafa. It is not a question of being “naive” or in denial. It is simply that this is a Rafa fan site.

    No one here is interested in extremely negative comments, such as “a mission impossible” or “there’s no certainty.” If you only want to support someone who will always win, good luck. Please go find them. We are tired of hearing about “your disappointment.” Rafa is not here to satisfy your needs. We fans are here to support his. We love him for the many wonderful qualities he possesses, whether he wins or loses. Go support the #1 player, perhaps you’ll feel better, though not if you bet on the player who always wins if it was at RG. Because nothing in life is certain.

  9. Yes. It seems very tricky draw for Rafa. But based on his great desire to bounce back and also potential talent, I feel that Rafa will be a great competitor this year.
    I feel that he will surprise everybody by his form and can possibly get his third crown in SW19.
    Th e good thing is that he plays without any pressure which will give him great relief in his matches.
    Unlike Murray, who is playing under huge pressure ! Everybody is expecting him to win the crown!.
    Rafa , Please work hard on your serve, and go for down the line shots more than cross court!
    Get your shots more flat and lessen the spins on them !.
    You always face big problems with heavy hitters, so , you must work on your serve.
    I would suggest that Rafa watches some of his old matches with Murray in Wimbeldon 2011, 2010 !
    VAMOS Champ!!

  10. Rafa has the same chance as the rest of the players Rafa has no injuries now he has his confidence back he is fit as a fiddle I beleive in Rafael Nadal 100 percent

  11. Thomaz Belluci will be a very tough opponent indeed first up, Dustin Brown has beat him before., so his draw is a ‘nightmare’ the usual at WIMBLEDON …..nothing has changed for RAFA Vamos ..

  12. Considering that Bellucci did very well against Rafa in R1 of Wimbledon 2012 (it was a bird of bad omen for what was about to come in R2), we can conclude that all the predicted opponents in this draw (maybe except Troicki), are able to kick Rafa out of Wimbledon this year. A mission impossible for our out of form champ.

  13. I am hoping for the best for you Rafa. I just want you to be healthy and self-assured with loads of confidence. And PLEASE Serve well – need to do well on that 1st service percentage. God Bless you, and may you play your best tennis. Love, Mary Lynn

      • Come on , less negativity please. I feel that as Rafael is playing players he knows well it suits him better. He will do well do all support and keep the negativity under wraps .

  14. Interesting draw but just one game at a time. Rafa has said many times ” I think only of the game I play” and that may very well get him through. Best of luck play your best!!!

  15. It is what it is and I believe Rafa will do his very best and if he gets through the earlier rounds then just gets better and stronger, all the very best Rafa!!!!

  16. It’s a tough draw. As always for Rafa!!! But i have a good feeling for Wimbledon! Always behind Rafa! Vamos <3 <3 <3

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