VIDEO: Rafael Nadal plays tennis with his cousins at The Boodles

So ADORABLE! Rafa played tennis with his cousins during short rain delay in London today.

Next generation of Nadals keeping Rafael Nadal warm during the rain break… (via The Boodles Twitter) 


  1. Yes…I agree…. The more I watch him the more you fall in love with him . Just love watching him play, bouncing around, running from one end to the other. Can’t stop admiring his play…win or lose. He will always be a great champion… He has done enough for the sport.
    We all know he wants more..Good luck in Winbledon…we love you always…..Rafa!!!

  2. There will never be anyone like Rafa. He is a “Natural” in Tennis n will go down in Tennis history for his achievements, plus he has a great temperament n a terrific personality. Vamos Rafa – this old lady loves to see you play. God bless you. Nan Shirley.

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