PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal Practices At Wimbledon

Rafael Nadal trained today at the Aorangi Practice court at Wimbledon.

Welcome back to Wimbledon, Rafa!


  1. Simply put…. Rafa… Is tennis..!!! . Without him..not worth watching..
    Let’s just enjoy that is still playing…Good luck Rafa….win or lose..we all love your determination..!,

  2. Your fans are frustrated. I am sure you and your team feel the same way. The answer is let’s see the Rafa we love back on court or put everybody out of misery. I think you have the potential of more good tennis but I am not sure you believe any longer.

  3. It’s kind of funny to me if Rafa isn’t getting marriage proposals from his fans he’s getting
    ultimatums about his team and strategy.

    Honestly, I am grateful to Rafa, Uncle Tony and his team. They are why I am such
    a fan and follower of the sport. They have brought the sport and it’s enjoyment to
    a whole other level.

    Also, I think it’s a nice change of pace for Rafa to go into a major tournament under
    the radar and without many points to defend! Look how it worked out for Stan at the French!

    Best wishes at Wimbledon from the good old USA!

  4. Good to see Rafa already in Wimbledon! Vamos Rafa, we wish you all the best! <3 <3 <3

    • He is not likely to get better unless uncle Toni is either replaced or a new face is added to Rafa’s coaching crew.

      But I guess the real reason why Rafa does not want to ‘touch’ uncle Toni in any way, is really because Rafa himself has no motivation anymore to win more slams.
      He says he’s already fulfilled with all his 14 slams!

      What a great champion he is?

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