VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Attends 2015 Stuttgart Player Party

Rafael Nadal, Tommy Haas,  Feliciano Lopez, Borna Coric, Marcos Baghdatis and many other players attended the official player party in Stuttgart. Check out the video!

Video: Mercedes Cup


  1. El 3 junio a Roland Garros dondé estaba la motivacion? Antes hemos sentido la tema de las heridas pero ha empezado bien con los tres primeros partidos y luego no hemos tenido la impresion de un jugador que era decidido a ganar. Fiona en Paris.

  2. Rafa has also kept the sublime, mighty Roger Federer from completing the Calendar Grand Slam two years in a row!!! Rafa is far from done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am compelled to leave this comment somewhere, anywhere! As a sworn Roger Federer fan I can honestly declare that by no means is Rafa done as a force on the ATP world tour. All the greats go through a slip, or a slight dip in form, when they reach the age of 30 (if they’re fortunate enough to play that long). Rafa will be back, men will still fear him! He is the “Mighty Bull of Majorca”, he and uncle Toni are far to calculating not to make some sort of an adjustment to Rafa’s game. Although I sincerely doubt that Rafael will equal or pass Roger in the total career Grand Slam count (the Swiss Master still has at the very least one Grand Slam title left in his raquet), Rafa is too strong a fighter to go down in the way that many are predicting. Never a fan, I can admit that Rafa is one of the greatest fighters in the history of sport!!! When he was unable to meet Roger in the finals of the US Open for five consecutive years, he developed and adapted his tennis, enabling him to eventually win two USO titles, thus completing the “Career Golden Slam”. I have nothing but the greatest respect for Rafa, he does his country, his family and friends, proud. If he is never to win another Grand Slam title, I personally (not that that means anything anywhere, at any time) would rank him slightly bellow Roger as the greatest of all time!!! This man is a true and living champion. Don’t forget, Rafa is the one who has kept Roger from a career Grand Slam total of 26. He has also beaten Roger at Wimbledon (7 tiltes for Roger) and the Australian Open (four tiles for Roger), while Roger has yet to defeat him at Roland Garros. Vamos Rafa, ye shall not be written off!!!!!!!!!! Thank you fellow tennis enthusiasts for taking the time to read my comment. Sincerely JF.

  4. Feli eyes are so sexy and he’s so hot looking ! Of course Rafa is the best always !

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