Rafael Nadal: I don’t need to deal with the loss to Djokovic anymore

Rafael Nadal: “First time on grass is always hard. I’m going to try my best, practice as much as I can today and tomorrow and Wednesday for my first round match. I played on the Centre Court yesterday and for a first-year event, the court is in great shape, so congrats to everyone for that. Now I get to play two weeks before Wimbledon for the first time, so I hope that helps.” On his current ranking: “I don’t need to deal with (the loss to Djokovic) anymore. It’s in the past. I just have to improve my level of tennis, my intensity on the court. If I can do that, then I am confident I can get back to the highest level.”

Source: ATP World Tour


  1. Love to read your fan mail Rafa n to know that I am not alone In being a one-eyed, devoted n loving fan. (Even if I am a silly old lady!). God bless you. Vamos Rafa. 😀😀

  2. Hola Rafa!!! Antes que nada no soy experta en tenis, solo te he seguido por los últimos 7 años.. creo en tí como ser humano , además de como mi adorado campeón, tu página de oro ya la has escrito, tu tío Tony la escribe contigo a diario, tú ya sabes lo que debes hacer, solamente piensa en jugar para disfrutar , no para sufrir. Sigue adelante , mi CAMPEÓN !!!!!! Nina Miolán, Santo Domingo, RD.

  3. Rafa glad to read, your ghost of Djoc :has passéd on ,now your ready to get back where you belong and it will not take to much time when you lift your next silver prize, get some more advice . I know you are very loyal to uncle tony. but just watch the new tactics of the other players swing from the right more at the net three strokes forward and your on the net. swing away from the guy on the other side Fed does this always , you know I adore you and you gift, but now your free, go on and win now sounds easy I know it is not but you have such a talent , may god always be with you and yourn family xxx

  4. Rafa … Looking great in red.. His color. Good luck … Wishing all the best for the grass season..you can do it… Show then you can win it all again. Luv u even more now.. Great attitude .. Win or lose..

  5. I am agree with other fans too. Uncle Tony is great but Rafa you need a young and new coach too to help you and uncle Tony
    Before you get to lower rank. Please we love you and you are the best player in the world. You can come back and show the world
    That Djokovich and Wawrinka can not compete with you any more, they are a looser.

  6. I will ALWAYS support and root for Rafa!!! The only advice I would have is to engage the services of someone like John Macenroe who can help Uncle Tony get Rafa into the winning groove again! I know that neither Rafa nor Uncle Tony take kindly to such a suggestion, but I really feel it could help our favorite player lift that French Open Cup for the TENTH time next year!!! As for right now, I wish Rafa the best of health and luck for the warm-up to Wimbledon and WIMBLEDON itself!!! Make it THREE WIMBLEDONS, RAFA!!!

    • I always respect fans opinions, and often really like reading your comments & appreciation of Rafa. But if I may add my own here….this J.Mac idea seems inappropriate and funny ….joking aside though, I think J.Mac does not have ANYTHING to add to Rafa, or any other current player. He is former player who never actually was able to make it big as Borg, Jimmy C. or Agasi….as he lacked many good ingredients that popular champions naturally have. I think he never had too much stability in his game or his behavior on/off the court. It seems he never sustained any long term respect…AND the only reason we still forced to hear about J.Mac and his old few games is because he is in the media….and gets self promotion as a joke. During his match coverage, they show his ridiculous temper… and actually waste viewer time… we are forced to watch again and again this rather boring clips … ridiculous old clips of old matches showing his silly disrespect to the umpires, his poor childish behaviors on the court & his screaming and temper fits…. I have followed tennis closely for the past 40 years and his game or character never made any good impression on me…never liked watching his matches, it was not enjoyable, and he was no fun.
      But More importantly, over the years I did not appreciate how he covered Rafa & Fed matches, and often would mute his voice so I did not have to listen to the one sided coverage. So when his name appears on Rafa’s precious fan site here it always feels odd and unfitting. The good news is neither Rafa or Uncle Toni take the suggestion seriously . Our precious Champion Rafa Nadal comes from solid roots & has solid character, and outstanding beautiful complete game….he deserves the BEST & thankfully, he is all set.

  7. its time for Rafa to add fresh techniques in his already very effective style. If he is not willing to replace Uncle Toni, he should at least consider hiring additional coach to bring in more techniques and strategies for him to come up with a different game plan before Wimbledon onwards! I am a huge fan for decade and it saddens me to see Rafa fall behind the players he should be much much better than! Look around, all players changed their coaches during the course of years of their career, its healthy! change is good and always healthy!

  8. Ola dear Rafa, great to see you in Germany practicing…. & neat to see so many fans watching your practice….VAMOS!!!!!!!
    I love how open & honest your fans are in their wonderful comments here…. writing exactly what many other people think ….. always a pleasure to log on and read everyone’s great comments…. so many thanks for the comments and the folks running this site & putting up the video clips etc… Like others here, I was happy Stan won…..infact, I became an instant Stan’s fan moments before the FO men final began …. : ) I cheered him beyond belief….and was thrilled he, the stronger player, WON !!! Hopefully, tennis Grand Slam executives & Tournament folks take some important lessons from the past two years and plan their next tournament draws & overall tactics with good lessons taken from these past two years. Tennis is a classy sport & fans wish to see it truly enjoyable with well run tournaments & matches.
    Anyway, VAMOS & enjoy your time in Germany with your Single & Doubles matches…. God bless you dear Rafa & best wishes always!!! : )

  9. Everyone should be more respectful of our CHAMP, Rafa. Novak, the “in-form” #1 player still can’t get it done at Roland Garros. He is still trying to win ONE (1) but our CHAMP has NINE (9).

    Think about that. !!!

    So he lost a match to Novak. Does he have to defend and explain that for the rest of his career?

    I have no fear that our beloved Rafa will regain his confidence and form and rise to the top again. The cream always rise to the top; that is where our beloved Rafa belongs.

  10. Thank you Rafa Nadal Fans for keeping us right up to date with Rafa its great to see what he is doing when he is not in a tournament or on TV I’m guessing if we lived in Spain we would see a lot of Rafa on TV but not much in other countries so thank you again you do a fantastic job

  11. Just once it would be wonderful to not have to deal with the media about the same things over and over. The questions asked are repeats from a thousand other times Rafa has been interviewed. I am sure this is the same for all athletes. Never will I forget an interview which Rafa specifically asked not to ask questions about his knee. I next question was thrown at him – “So Rafa how long will it be that your knee will be better” How exhausting ! !

    They should ban all interview prior to and immediately after a match –

  12. Rafa, tus amigos y seguidores no te apreciamos porque estés en el primer puesto, o porque ganes partidos. Nos has capturado porque sales a la cancha a dar todo, porque eres tenaz, porque al verte parece que el tenis es divertido y fácil, porque siempre eres un caballero en la cancha, porque tienes una inteligencia para hacer tus jugadas que nos asombra y porque trasmites esa fuerza mental que le come el coco a tus adversarios. Tienes una simpatía que no tiene ninguno de los tennistas conocidos y eso no se consigue con horas de practica, es innata. El que mas se acerca es Federer, pero le falta tu vivacidad. Sal a la cancha a divertirte, a jugar con la raqueta y la bola, a jugar el maravilloso tennis que tu sabes y el resultado es secundario. Creo que si hubieses seguido ganando, no habrían novedades divertidas a tus 29 años. Dios ha puesto ante ti un nuevo reto para que aprecies más tus logros. Ahora cuando vuelvas a ganar y recuperes cada vez mejores posiciones lo disfrutarás más.. Te deseo toda la suerte del mundo. Bendiciones,

  13. That’s true Rafa curse anyone lose after beating Rafa in next round ! Joker cheated Murray in the Semis and what a big loss he had to face with Stan I’m sure Joker was very embarrass losing to # 8 player and he’s # 1 he beat Rafa at QF and on Rafa b/day but life goes on for Rafa. Rafa will beat him at RG next year and Joker will not win RG 2016 so he’s not near to a career slam!

  14. Rafa is so a great fighter. He will come back to his best ab we will support him all the way! Vamos Rafa!!!

  15. True, you don’t need to, especially that he has been severly punished in the final of RG for beating you in straight sets on your b- day at ‘your’ tournament….

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