French Open: An Interview with Rafael Nadal (June 1, 2015) [VIDEO]

Defending champion Rafael Nadal spoke to the media after his fourth round match at the French Open.

Video: Roland Garros


  1. Enhorabuena Rafa para ayer contra a John. Vendré manana a verla! Vamos! Ojalà que el sol brille. Fiona en Paris.

  2. Hi Rafa, I don’t know if you read our comments or not, but if you do, I want to tell you that you are the absolutely the greatest. Not only the greatest tennis player but the greatest sportsman!
    Although it hasn’t been your year so far I’m sure you are more than capable to win this match against world no. 1 djokovic.
    One thing that comes to mind that although it’s not the final, it will give the winner a great boost to go all the way with one of the toughest draw ever seen, with Federer, Murry still possible apponent to take the crown, no disrespect to all other great players still in the tournament – all very worthy champions.
    Vamos Rafa. We love you.

  3. Here is a sample of Novak Djokovic’s victory speech on Wednesday: ”First of all, I want to say Happy Birthday, Rafa. Without any doubt, you are the greatest clay court tennis player in History ….and your achievement on this surface can never ever be equalled. The world of tennis owes you a lot, Rafa…and I know I owe you a lot too.Because I am who I am today because of you and only you could have brought out the best in me.I hereby dedicate this quarter-final victory today to you, Rafa – the greatest champion ever. Happy birthday, Rafa.”

  4. No pressure Rafael you are the NINE Times Champion and the opposition is under pressure to win one. Go out and visualise all your great performances. Vamos Rafaaaaa

  5. SUPER RAFA , reste cool mon ami , il que tu laisse aller ton bras , tu te prend la tête pour rien ,tu es le boss ils ont peur de toi …PEUR DE TOI !!! bravo rafa et contre choco c’est un un entrainement reste concentré mais c’est l’entrainement …. VAMOS RAFA !!!

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