Rafa Nadal Foundation Gala in Paris

Nine-time French Open champion Rafael Nadal posed with his lovely girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello at the Rafa Nadal Foundation Gala in Paris on Saturday night. Also in attendance were Rafa’s mother Ana Maria Parera and his sister Maribel, US fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, Richard Mille and many others.



  1. I’m a little surprised this event isn’t more star-studded? Nadal’s a big enough name to draw celebs & the event would get far more coverage if some higher profile people attended.

    re: Rafa & Xisca – I’ve always gotten a fond, friendly vibe from them rather than a romantic one. I think he’s focused on his career & she’s in place so to quench people’s desire to know about his personal life.


  2. So beautiful together…nice to see the love they have after all their years together still shining so brightly. Something to be said for not spending every day together . . .


  3. Love to see Rafa and his Mary together, they make such superb and gorgeous couple especially both looking at each other fondly. The bond, affection and love spark between them!! Rafa, quickly marry your beautiful Mary….


  4. What a lovely natural couple looking fondly at each other! Rafa, my adopted grandson, do these late nights, just before a big tournament, not tire out your body? Wonderful young man from a wonderful family with a terrific Uncle Tony! Vamos Rafa. Love your Aussie Nana. xxx 😅😉😎


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