Rafael Nadal Roland Garros 2015 Nike Outfit

Rafael Nadal French Open 2015 Nike Outfit

The reigning champion, Rafael Nadal, will battle for an historic 10th title in Paris while wearing the Nike Challenger Premier Rafa Crew, Nike Gladiator 7” Printed Shorts and the Nike Lunar Ballistic shoe.

His on-court performance wear features a blue gradient, which is a nod to Rafa’s favorite color when competing in Paris.

The Nike Challenger Premier Rafa Crew is crafted from Dri-FIT fabric with laser perforations for zoned breathability to help keep players dry and cool. Lower, bonded shoulder seams deliver a smooth feel.

When practicing, Rafa will don a NikeCourt French Stripe Tee and Nike Freestyle shorts.

Rafael Nadal Roland Garros 2015 Nike Practice Outfit

Source: Nike News


  1. Rafa 10th title is a must, you can do it, just believe in yourself . Like you did before. All your fans are praying for you and wishing you all the best
    God bless and all the best

  2. Rafa has just as good a chance to win Roland Garros this year as Djokovic or anyone else. He only needs to believe in himself and remain healthy. May God Bless him always. Love you Rafa, Marylynn

  3. It’s Rafa, win or lose!!! If the prophet is correct, Rafa WILL WIN THE TENTH–albeit next year– a feat which no one has ever accomplished, and perhaps no one ever will! VAMOS RAFA!!!

  4. A prophet (known for may accurate predictions) in Nigeria has predicted that Rafael Nadal will not triumph at this year’s French Open, which commences next week in Paris. The prophet, however, stopped short of predicting who will emerge as the winner. He only stressed that a new and unexpected champion will emerge!

    The prophet further stated that Rafa Nadal is destined to win Roland Garros next year and at least 2 more majors before calling it a day in Tennis.

    To all Rafa fans, I say, let’s rejoice, afterall Rafa will reclaim his title next year.

    • The prophet can’t say the name of his predicted winner because he only knows one tennis person: Rafa. LOL! Seriously, though, if not Rafa, it should be Ferrer because he deserves one major, at least.

  5. bonjour rafa , j’espère que tu va leur montrer qu’un match de tennis ce joue en cinq sets et que tu va remporter le 10 èmes TITRES !!! ALLEZ RAFA ON EST AVEC TOI …..

  6. The outfit does not matter, as long as he is comfy. It’s the winning that is important.

  7. Have the best Birthday ever Rafa!
    Your fans are behind you 100%
    We believe in you! 🙂

  8. His outfit is important, but I want to see him compete and fight for his 10th title in Paris! Vamos Rafa! Make us happy again! We will always support you, because you are a champ and no other player has that professional attitude like you! Always a role model for the kids and tennis fans.

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