Rafael Nadal Wallpapers by KIA

Check out these amazing Rafael Nadal​ Wallpapers created by KIA.


  1. God bless you dear Rafa and may you continue to be promoting globally!!!! : ) ci…ci…ci…. I would venture to say that being on front line magazines, Tv talk shows & promoting all sorts of great products, all undoubtedly enhances his recharging, his game, his global statues being well recognized champion that he is, and above all, it gives him a sense he is popular and sought after….. He is incredibly balanced young man…and he has been that way since he was 12 years old….. mature, well measured, and wise beyond his years!!! : ) Vamos Rafa!!!!!! Certainly, attending & enjoying all sorts of extra fun engagements, makes his life dynamic & interesting!!! He has a wonderful, extended social sphere, and his kind, modest nature given all the publicity, makes him the loveable person that he is. Not to mention how pleasant it is to view videos & photos from all these engagements & events thanks to the kind fans who take time to share w all of us. So to answer your question in short… ( : ) ) I trust Rafa’s sense of balance, judgement, and goodness of heart wherever he chooses to show his adorable humble face. God bless you Rafa and take beautiful care!!! : ) Enjoy your Madrid run & have lots of fun!!! By the way, I enjoyed so much watching the long Tele. movie filmed in Madrid….thanks very much to whoever shared that with the site….I do not speak Spanish but was engaged the entire time …..seeing Rafa playing kindly w many players….it was real fun!!! Best wishes always!!! : )

  2. Que bellas imagenes, esas cosas no le distraen o quitan de su concentracion. Cuando juega…JUEGA, VAAAAMOOOOSSSS RAFAAAAA

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