PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal’s first practice in Barcelona

No rest for Rafael Nadal who’s back on court working hard. Here are some photos from his first practice in Barcelona.


  1. Nadal is like a tornado.
    You can experience its power and you are powerless to explain what it does to you.
    Nadal is a phenomenon that stretches far beyond tennis.
    It is because Nadal is the sort of hero that makes one feel that he, Nadal, fights not only for himself, not to win the match, not to earn another trophy but that he fights for YOU, he struggles instead of YOU.
    Watching Nadal muster his strength, the onlooker feels the effort in his own guts.
    Very much like those medieval champion knights, Nadal is the hero we all dream to become.
    Since we cannot all be such a figure, Nadal stands there on the court fighting for everyone of us.
    This goes far beyond a pleasant form of sport and it is wonderful.
    No doubt millions of tennis fans became so because of Nadal.

  2. In Sports, it’s never easy to come back from injury, especially a back injury for that matter! Andy Murray suffered about 6 – 8 months of embarrassing losses and inconsistent results and not until has he been able to get his game back.
    On the other hand, Nadal is ‘slowly but surely’ coming back to winning ways just after 4 months. I feel particularly encouraged with the way he played against the Djoker on Saturday. From his post match presser, the only remaining areas he need to focus on are:

    1. Stamina – so that he can consistently play at top level in 3-setters and 5 – setters
    2. Mental edge

    Another area that I’ve personally observed is that he needs to do something fast about his level of perspiration (sweating)! I feel its a bit too much, even the cameras capture his heavy drop of sweats! I ‘ve not seen this level of perspiration with other players, so is it then an aberration?

    He may not have built up enough momentum yet to win the Barcelona Open, however, I expect him to win one or both of the Madrid and Rome Open prior to the LA DECIMA at the FO.

    Vamoss Rafa!

  3. Funny to see that Nadal is wearing his US Open 2013 outfit during training. It looks like it’s lost some colour 🙂 It’s a winners outfit for sure though!

  4. Novak and Roger are not participating. Rafa will probably face Kei in the final. Vamos Rafa!!

  5. Rafa, you may not know it, but you are still the best, you just have to get your mojo back….you have been with the same coach all your life , you need some new input into your coaching , new life to get you excited….keep Uncle tony, just do what Novak did and bring someone else in with new ideas….

  6. My opinion is that Novak is not playing better than ever but the others top ten are playing worse than ever for diferent reasons
    Vamos Rafa, don’t give so many opportunities to the Serbian, enough is enough!!!!!!

  7. Dale Rafa!!! que ya estas muy cerca. Sin duda pienso que como jugaste contra novak le ganabas a Murray y a Roger. Ese poquito que te falta es solo para ganarle a Novak que esta jugando mejor que nunca. Ahora si, estoy segura que puedes ganar RG por la 10 vez. Y Nole va a estar muy presionado aunque diga que no se va a presionar!! La presión la tiene toda el!!.

  8. Rafa, you will get to where you need to be and want to be. I love that you work so hard and always try. Good luck in Barcelona! I hope you win it!! 🙂

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