PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal Loses to Novak Djokovic in Monte Carlo

Rafael Nadal’s run at the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters is over as he lost 3-6, 3-6 to World No.1 Novak Djokovic of Serbia in the semi-final. His next tournament is the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell, beginning next week.

Win or lose, always with Rafa!


  1. We must remember that Rafa came from a tough much the previous day. He played very well, with excellence in many games, Happy how he showed he is still a menace to Nole in RG. The score doesn’t represent how close the match was. As he said, he had no more legs left. I am very happy how he did in Montecarlo and I am sure now he can win RG
    for the 10th time!! No bitter taste after today’s match. I felt exactly like him when he said in the interview that it was a very positive tournament. Actually, todays semi was the real final.

  2. Its so sad to see Rafa loses to Nole in clay. I’m a fanatic fans of Rafa. Rafa win or lose, he’s always the best for me…but….I thik there’s something litle different about Rafa’s game after back from his injuries(2014). he don’t show us hiis best game….why rafa and uncle Toni choose the wrong racket meanwhile more the other palyers now change they racket….Didn’t uncle Toni and Rafa’s team realizedthat sometimes Rafa hit the ball too slow and too high…and mostimportant is look slike Rafa’s confidence going down….(i hope i’m wrong about it)…but honestly I soo worried about Rafa’s performance now…..I know that need more time for everybody to recovery from injuries but I hope that Rafa and Uncle Toni(and Rafa’s team) can change Rafa’s game sooner….I’m so desperated……So pleaseuncle Toni, improve Rafa’s game and his confidence….Love You Rafa…Vamos

  3. It doesn’t matter to us if you lose today, the important thing is that you learned a lot from every game and getting to your top form and be prepared for Rolland Garros!! We are for you no matter what!!!

  4. I’m always devastated when my baby loses. One thing is a surety: I love my Rafa, win or lose. I know he is on his way back, and his fans are right behind him.

    Love you Rafa; always my beloved.

  5. Dear Rafa, I know you were very disappointed to have lost to Novak today, BUT you played so much better than you have since you started your come-back!!! I don’t have to tell you what your game is missing right now. You know what to work on before you reach Roland Garros, and I, along with your millions of other fans, fully expect you to win your TENTH FRENCH OPEN this year!!! Win or lose, you are still our NO. 1 CHAMPION! VAMOS RAFA!!! (Before I forget, you are also working with a new racket. That will also take a while to master.)

  6. Dear Rafa, so sorry you lost today but you looked awesome & you have done so well at this tournament, I know you will be happy with your performances. Good Luck in Barcelona & hope you get stronger with every match. Love you win or lose.xx

  7. I was cheering you on 100% as usual Rafa. You will get it done. Need to hold the baseline though Rafa. Just do it, get used to it and don’t turn back to playing old style defensive tennis. I know you can do it if you just keep at it. If you play this way, you only have everything to gain / and win; you have Nothing to lose – you know that. Love you, please stay healthy in body and mind. God Bless you always. Marylynn.

  8. Rafa, as I commented before, you played very good today and this week! You beat some tough guys like Ferrer and Ishner! and as your other fans commented you ‘r ‘back’. I’am very happy with your game and your great attitude is also back: your fighting spirit is there where it belongs>at the court! Stay healthty. Rg will be yours!

  9. Loved the way you played. The confidence was there. Don’t worry. You r on the right track. The most important thing is you r back. Now just look ahead. No turning back. Keep the confidence going. Try to play offensive. Loved ur game. Vamos Rafa.💖.


  11. Rafa you made a great showing at this tournament. What’s more important is you
    regained your mojo and self confidence. Although you would have preferred to
    beat Novak in the sf you can now gage how you played against him since last year
    especially with using a new racket! That also takes time. I read that Roger also
    had a learning curve with his new racket. Novak is at his peak right now and hasn’t
    been away from the sport as you have due to illness and injury.

    Novak isn’t unbeatable, he’s just riding high and settled in from his previous wins. I never measure a player by one win but their whole body of work to date. You are still in the driver’s seat! It’s always better to be put into challenging situations in order to achieve a particular goal and result! Eventually that will happen!

    The clay season season is certainly looking up for you, Rafa!

    P.S. This fan is also thrilled!!!

    • rafa u were brillant to day @ alll week,. give u self some credit u are on track,u can beat any one out there u just have to get match ready . no worrys catherine

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