ATP Rankings: Rafael Nadal drops to No. 5

Britain’s Andy Murray and Japan’s Kei Nishikori moved up one spot each to third and fourth, respectively, in the ATP rankings, while Rafael Nadal fell two slots to No. 5.

After winning his fifth Miami Open title on Sunday, Novak Djokovic has increased his lead over his rivals. He is on top with 13205 points, and 4310 points advantage over second-ranked Roger Federer.

Top 10 in the current ATP Rankings:

ATP Rankings: April 6, 2015
ATP Rankings: April 6, 2015

With four tournaments left for Rafa before Roland Garros, our champ still has time to improve his game. VAMOS!


  1. Rafa has been a dominant force and champion in tennis for over a decade! We shouldn’t
    dwell on his lack of confidence returning from injury and illness. He’ll recapture his
    mojo. It’s just a process that takes some time. He’s only human with shining and honest
    character. Watch and see he’ll go into beast mode and be intimidated by no one on the
    tennis courts as his usual self and also like his compatriot and great competitor, David Ferrer who I also love and respect! Djoker is playing catch up nearing 28! Rafa has achieved so much more at 28. Rafa is his own person who knows himself best. He also has the support and love of a great family and team always around him. He also has
    the love and support of all his fans who can’t wait to see him compete again!

    Vamos Rafa!!!

  2. I don’t think Novak was having a go at the ball boy verbaly but he snatched the towel from him and you could tell the ball boy was shocked and it must be embarrassing having it shown on TV and all because he lost a set to Murray Rafa has lost matches and he has never acted that way also can I say good luck in the next tournament to Rafa and also Carla Suarez Navarro another lovely natured tennis player from Spain who did so well to get in the finals against Williams

  3. With regard to Novak “hollering at the ball kid” many bloggers are saying that he was not hollering at the ball kid, but that he was hollering at his box and that the ball boy was caught in the crossfire of anger being directed at his box. But it certainly looked to me that he was talking to the ball boy. Who can be sure. He did apologize, but if he was hollering at the boy, in my opinion the apology was too little too late. But who really knows. What does anyone else think???

  4. I too am worried about Rafa. I wish I could tell him to practic breathing meditation to block out menacing fears and anxiety . He needs to take 5 seconds and say himself to “breath in” and “breath out”. Mentally repeat these words. It is as simple as that. It clears the mind. May sound silly to some, but it works for me when I am anxious. Prayer does work, and I agree,he needs all of our prayers. Even if he wins #15 this summer at the French, that would be very Great. I would be very satisfied with that. Marylynn.

  5. Will always support and stand by Rafa. I really hope Rafa recovers asap in time for his 10th
    RG victory, Joker’s disgusted behaviour doesn’t reserve to win RG. Let send our positive vibes to Rafa and God Bless Rafa.

  6. I hope with all my heart that Rafa can make it number ten at the French but if its not to be l hope the title will go to some one like Federer that would be nice for him before he retires but not Novak I don’t think I could take his ego getting any bigger

  7. I’d say (and I’m not the only one) that Novak without playing his best is taking advance of a Nadal still mentally weak ( hope he come back soon) Federer and his age, Delpotro and his surgeries and Murray and his poor confidence unable to win a match when the things become difficult instead to fight more like other players do. I hope to see more game and competition on this next clay season, otherwise the tennis would become boring

  8. Maria, you took the sentiments right out of my hearts! I think 2015 is beginning to look like another 2011 for Novak. We all must pray hard for Rafa to win the FO this year ‘cos it’s not gonna be easy at all.

    I repeat, let us pray hard for Rafa.

  9. At the moment I don’t think any one can touch Novak he is out to win them all and I think the one he will want most is the French Open to stop Rafa’s reign and I do believe he will I hope not but nobody can take away that Rafa is one of the best players ever and was winning major titles at an early age .I am not a fan at all of Novak’s and if anybody saw the final in Miami and the disgraceful way he treated the ball boy he will understand why that however many titles he wins he will never be loved or respected by tennis fans like Rafa is

  10. The ranking is not important. Rafa has been world number 5 in 2013 on his return from injury, won a lot of tournaments and was number 1 at year end! Although he is not going to be world number 1 this year he is our champ, our number 1 who will build on his confidence as the clay court season progresses. Vamos Rafa!

  11. Rafa at 100% is the best of the world. In MC he will show why he is the King of Clay!! Vamos!!!

  12. Rafael, one of the greatest tennis players ever so no angst over ranking. All thoughts to his regaining his confidence on clay where he has reigned supreme for over 9 years. Support for Rafael forever. Vamos Rafaaaaaa.

  13. Han sucedido dos cosas. Andy y Kei han ganado puntos y Rafa ha dejado de ganar y ha perdido por no defender, así que es lógico que haya fluctuación, porque hay similitud de puntos…En el resto de la temporada, se verá quiénes sobresalen…

  14. Who cares! Rafa will came back soon and he will became the #1. He doesn’t need any mentalist doctor, he just need to get back the confidence and to think that he can beat to anyone, that’s all

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