VIDEO: An Interview With Rafael Nadal – Australian Open 2015, Round 4

Rafael Nadal’s press conference after his fourth round win over Kevin Anderson at the Australian Open 2015.

Video: Australian Open TV


  1. Lovely tweet from Kevin Anderson and also from his wife Kelsey wishing Rafa the nest of luck for remainder of AO. What a sportsman.

  2. I missed Rafa match saw the last point ! I didn’t know the match was on ESPN 5 OMG so mad but I’m so happy Rafa won and I knew he was going to win this one. Rafa is playing amazing tennis and looks more confident on court . He’s almost there so humble and I love the way he think so carefully before answering questions especially how does your body feel 0 – 100 % he’s not a mathematician, OMG such a nice way to dodge the answer, Go Rafa you can do it win this one ! Toronto loves you !

  3. Awesome match and win for Super-motivated, Super confident and self-determined Rafa!

    Loved how he tried to figure out and break Anderson’s service code from the beginning! It’s such a joy to watch Rafa make adjustments and construct points to optimize his chances to
    eventually win the match! When Rafa finally got into Kevin’s service games, I was smelling
    blood on the court. Rafa the warrior prevails once again. Vamos!

  4. Vamos Rafa! Good match today. You played much better than the last rounds! You are true Champion. Take rest and be ready for Berdych. Vamos!

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