WATCH: Tim Smyczek Shows Amazing Sportsmanship Against Rafael Nadal

After playing for over four hours, Rafael Nadal was serving at 30-0 and two points from winning the match when a fan yelled loudly during Rafa’s service motion. As Rafa was preparing to hit his second serve, Tim Smyczek told him he could have a do-over on his first serve.

When interviewed on-court after the match our champion said that what Tim did was amazing, and that “not a lot of people would do that.”

Video: Mostly Sport


  1. Tim Smyczek ,hats off to you .I liked you from the beginning even when you had a hold on the match , a lot of players could learn from you, you will be my pin up after Rafa but whilst Rafa is around I will always be his fan. Long may he keep impressing us, he is again playing late against his next opponent alright for me as I will be just up and ready to watch it but too late in the evening for Rafa.

  2. Incredible sportsmanship by Smyczek on a HUGE point, especially considering Rafa’s previous double-faults in the match at big moments. Very few players on tour – if any – would have done the same. I’m not even sure if Rafa would have done it had the situation been reversed. It’s one thing to show that type of sportsmanship at 5-0, 30-0 in the first set of an ATP 250 match, but quite another to do it at 5-6, 0-30 in the fifth set of an Australian Open match. Federer would NEVER do that in a million years, yet he always wins the ATP “Sportsman of the Year” award. Smyczek should win it this year – hands down – just for yesterday’s sportsmanship alone. Rafa owes him a week in Majorca – all expenses paid. A lot more if he wins the tournament. VAMOS!!!

  3. I couldn’t hear ob tv what that person said, i do admire Tim for saying like that to Rafa this is something Nadal would have said too . From now on went Tim will be playing i will support him.Lol not against My Rafa only went he be playing somebody you Rafa.

  4. I like that kid and not for doing that but I like his game. Future top 10 maybe. My respect to him for doing that for Rafa. I will be looking forward to see this kid play again. Vamos Rafa!!!!💪💪💪💪💪💪

  5. Rosol, are you watching? This is what we call the opposite of the spitting and snotty sounds you made at Wimbledon 2012!

    • Rosol is gone – taken out in 4 sets by Dudi Sela of Israel – just as I predicted a few days ago. Sela is a much better match-up for Rafa than Rosol is. But Rafa needs to get healthy – pronto – if he intends to win this tournament. Gulbis, another thorn in Rafa’s side, is gone too. The draw – very favorable for Rafa from day one – is becoming even more favorable as the tourney progresses. VAMOS!!!

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