Rafa Roundup: Rafael Nadal Stars In New Dekton Ad


According to Santiago Alfonso, Director of Marketing and Communications for Cosentino Group, “this new form of collaboration through which Rafa Nadal becomes the international image for Dekton®, our great contribution to the world of architecture and design, fills us with great pride. There are values that we undoubtedly share with Rafa, such as our daily effort, continuous innovation and the endless quest for leadership and success. We like to work with the best, and Rafa Nadal will help us make Dekton® a model of success for the world.

On Thursday, Nadal said he recovered well from the tough day of workouts, but added it would be difficult to quickly reach the level of fitness to win the title this year.  ”I’m back, and I’m healthy, but it’s hard to come back after such injures,” Nadal said. ”I will hope for first round, second round, and take the wins as they come.”

Rafael Nadal is playing his first big event in more than six months. That said, he should have won the title last year and his powers of recovery are well established.

If Nadal can stay healthy through the Australian Open, his largely idle end may turn out to be an asset. He’s still got a good game for Melbourne, and a 10th French Open title is not just a possibility but a probability.

Zaharakis showed Nadal how to hold the ball but the Australian Open champion didn’t quite seem to grasp the action. “He said he loved watching footy and how unique the game was,” Zaharakis said. “It was great meeting a guy who’s been No.1 in the world and he’s so humble.” Goddard said: “I was more worried about the $300,000 watch on his wrist. I’ll stick to football or golf but I do enjoy it.”

Nadal has come back from tougher injuries and history has shown that he always lands on his feet. But right now, he is in a tight spot. Should he have commenced this season on the clay of South America in February like he did in 2013? Or was it right to choose to play the hard court events of Doha and the Australian Open?


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