Fifa Ballon d’Or: Rafael Nadal’s Video Message To Cristiano Ronaldo

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Rafael Nadal has wished football player Cristiano Ronaldo the best of luck ahead of tonight’s Ballon d’Or ceremony. Ronaldo will be hoping to be crowned the world’s greatest player for the second consecutive time in Zurich this evening.

Rafael Nadal:I want to congratulate you on the year you’ve had. I consider your drive and desire to improve on a daily basis a fantastic example for the younger generations. Congratulations on a great career. I’m grateful to you. My question to you is: What is the most emotional moment of your career?”

Ronaldo replied: “He [Rafa Nadal] is a fantastic sports athlete. I have a great relationship with him. He is an example to all sports people, to all the age, to the people who play football and tennis. Thank you for this words to me. Difficult question from Nadal. I have to say one? Because I have many for last year. I don’t want to say Champions League. I say the last FIFA Club World Cup.”

UPDATED: Real Madrid attacker Cristiano Ronaldo has won the 2014 Fifa Ballon d’Or ahead of Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer and Barcelona forward Lionel Messi, scooping up the prestigious individual award for the third time in his career.
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  1. It shows how just iconic Rafael Nadal is throughout the world of sport to be asked to send a message to CR. Rafael is a follower of many sports and of couse a big Real madrid supporter. Cristiano Ronaldo deserved the award, a wonderful player. I am a Barca supporter but admire his skill. I have seen him many time at the tennis in Madrid, many of the Real Madrid players attend regularly. Now back to our champion, all positive wishes in the AO.

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