VIDEO: Rafael Nadal plays golf before appendix surgery

Best wishes for tomorrow, Rafa. Have a speedy recovery!

Video: IB3TV


  1. YES !
    Good news
    Happy news
    The surgical operation was successful
    Raffa, from this moment on, please take good care of yourself
    Do NOT rush things. You DON’T have to prove anything to anyone
    Make sure you take the time it needs to get you back to full health
    Sally & Ike

  2. Querido Rafael,

    Pensamos a usted y le deseamos el mejor para la salud. Vivo a Paris y estoy aprendiendo espanol. Jueves estabamos a Paris Bercy ATP Masters – desde luego decepionada de no verle pero hemos visto Federer, Djokovic y Gael Monfils para la prima vez.

    Felicidades para Roland Garros, era una bella dià para nos este ano y esperamos volver a verle a Paris. Busco sus entrevistas su Internet para entender y leer su espanol!

    En agosto hemos ido a Madrid a ver vuestra capital. Me gusta mucho, los edificios, la vida madrilena y el sol! Mallorca la proxima vez – quiero ver vuestra bella isla. Estoy leyendo su libro “Rafa” , estoy casi al fin y ahora comprendo màs su la vida de un jugador de tennis profesional.

    Salutations de Fiona.

    Le Dimanche 2 novembre 2014 17h32, Rafael Nadal Fans a écrit : Rafael Nadal Fans posted: ” Video: IB3TV”

  3. Dear Rafa, we pray for your good health and speedy recovery from surgery. You are always in our prayers. God bless you. All our love from India. I have stopped watching tennis coz you r not there. Can’t wait to see you play in 2015. You are the best of the best.

  4. Dear Rafa I wish u a speedy recovery from surgery of appendix and back to ur routine with strength and stamina. May God grant it. Prof s vasudevan retd from StanLey medical college chennai india

  5. To be your friends though we never met you
    To follow every move when you are in the tennis court
    Though we can only afford to watch you on the TV
    Is a privilege.
    To be by your side (though though it is impossible) while you undergo
    the surgical operation is by praying that everything goes well for you and that you get well soon.
    We trust that you know that thousands and thousands join us in this prayer:
    Recuperación Rápida
    Sally & Yitzhak

  6. Good luck for tomorrow:/ we wish you all the best. In 2015 YOU will be back again. We are all behind you. Big love from Germany.

  7. Speedy recovery Rafa, and wish you excellent health for 2015!!! Cuídate mucho Campeón!!! Eres Un SuperStar!!!! Y Único!!! VAMOSSSSSS Rafa y Adelante!!! Mi apoyo hasta siempre, Cariño!!!! Besets!!!

  8. So happy you are enjoying your life fully, and tomorrow you will have the necessary surgery. I wish you a very speedy recovery and cannot wait to see you again competing on the tennis courts of the world!! Mucha suerte, Rafa!!! VAMOS!!!

  9. Good luck Rafa with your surgery ….hope you make a speedy recovery and be fit and strong like a bull…❤️Vamos Rafa see ya next year at Australian open💋

  10. Good luck Rafa,having had this operation ,its nothing really in comparison to my two new knees due to arthritis ! you will soon be up and about again.
    We all hope and pray from the UK that we will see you back at Wimbledon in 2015 as the Champion you deserve to be. and No 1 in the world.

  11. Dear Rafa, We ardent fans from Chennai india wish u a speedy recovery from surgery of appendix. We all will pray for u to resume active tennis in 2015. Dr s vasudevan chennai 600040 India

  12. Dear Rafa, now we all will pray for a speedy recovery from surgery and we all will all will look forward to resume to active tennis in 2015. May God be with u all the time. Dr s vasudevan ur ardent fan Chennai Tamil nadu India

  13. Keeping you in our prayers as you go into surgery tomorrow. Your fans will always be there for you. Speedy recovery.

  14. Best wishes for a speedy recovery after your appendix surgery tomorrow. Glad you
    are enjoying your multi-faceted life. The tennis world will always be there for you to compete in! Look forward to 2015. Vamos, Rafa!

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