PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal out of Beijing

Rafael Nadal has been knocked out of the China Open in Beijing in the QF by qualifier Martin Klizan. In a match that lasted two hours and 37 minutes, Rafa lost 7-6(7), 4-6, 3-6. Our champ struggled with Klizan’s power game and his own consistency in just his third match back following a two-month layoff due to a right wrist injury.

The next tournament for Rafa will be the Shanghai Rolex Masters which begins on October 6.

Win or lose, ALWAYS with Rafa!

Photos: Getty Images, AP Photo, China Open


  1. Can you relax and not try so hard. I would think it might just fall into place.
    We all wish you well. Be healthy and have fun!

  2. Overall, I was very pleased with Rafa’s play this week, especially his serve & backhand. His forehand & volley, however, were clearly sub-par. Rafa gets in trouble when he puts TOO MUCH ARC on his forehand, as he often did against Klizan, who happens to be one of the very few players on tour who match up well against him. Forget about the ranking. It’s how players match up against each other that matters most. Rafa will rapidly improve with each tournament, as long as he focuses on putting LESS ARC on his forehand, and being MORE AGGRESSIVE with his volley. That’s even more important on the low-bouncing quick courts of the fall hard-court season. VAMOS!!!

  3. Its great to have Rafa play again. Just wish he was not so prone to injury. I still believe that if Rafa concentrated on his timing, he would be able to execute his shots beautifully and with much less pressure on his body. Hope he continues to play for many more years through highs and lows. VAMOS!!!!!!!

  4. So thrilled just to see Rafa compete again! Of course, it takes some time to get back into the groove and swing of things after a 2 month layoff due to injury. Rafa did fine this week but
    will only grow stronger and more confident in his upcoming tournaments. Can’t wait!
    Win or lose, Rafa is always the best!

  5. klizan est gaucher, il a fait du “nadal” aujourd’hui et malheureusement nadal n’était pas
    dans son meilleur jour TOO BAD

  6. Well done Rafa. You are still tops with me. Your opponent played well..You look very good since you got over your injury. Lots of warm wishes from Winnipeg,Manitoba. Jean Palmer

  7. All the umpires are now g8iving Nadal unnecessary time violations , it is like victimisation, Roger gives subliminal messages about this anomaly and the umpires have a field day. Others abuse this rule and are never called out. Better luck in Shanghai Nadal

  8. Strange, Rafa looked quite good till he led one break in the third. His performance this week still gives me the idea that he’ll do better than usual in this most boring part of the season.

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