Rafa Roundup: What are your expectations from Rafael Nadal in his return?

Photo: China Open
Photo: China Open


Expections are obviously not high for Rafa this week, but after the Big 4 debacle at Flushing Meadows, it will be good to have him back. He starts against Richard Gasquet on Tuesday; this would seem to be a golden opportunity for the Frenchman to record his first win over the Spaniard since they were 13-year-old Little Aces (he’s 0-12 against Rafa as a pro). But I still wouldn’t bet on Reeshard.

It’s almost at least a yearly tradition to point out that Rafael Nadal is coming back from injury, but each and every time is a celebration for tennis fans around the world. In this case, the fans of Asia will see Nadal make his return after a right wrist injury caused him to miss the entire U.S. Open series. … Win or lose, Nadal will draw the eyes and attention of the sporting world. Tennis can only hope that he will be at his best moving forward to compete for more big titles.

Rafael Nada and Pablo Andujar at China Open 2014l (11)

No. 2 seed Nadal opens his China Open campaign with a 13th FedEx ATP Head2Head encounter against Richard Gasquet, seeking to improve to 13-0.

What is in no doubt, and all tennis fans can agree on, is that we have been lucky to have two great champions in the form of Nadal and Federer to grace the tennis court for the past decade; and serve up glorious matches such as Wimbledon 2008 that will live long in the memory even after these two stalwarts of the game have retired.

Rafael Nadal regresará oficialmente a las pistas la próxima semana en Pekín, torneo donde parte como segundo cabeza de serie y donde tendrá que debutar frente a un viejo conocido como Richard Gasquet. El balear, que no compite en el circuito desde Wimbledon, ya ganó este torneo en 2005. … “Sólo siento un poco la muñeca cuando empiezo a jugar cada día, pero luego desaparece. Estoy bien y en buena forma para competir de nuevo…

And you can bet that all eyes will be on the Spaniard when he retakes the court this week in Beijing. Realistically, don’t expect great results from the king of clay just yet. He’ll be rusty and these courts tend to give him trouble. But that doesn’t mean that tennis won’t be more of an attraction. Rafa’s back and the world is about to take note.


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  1. I’m happy to see Rafa on court tennis is not the same without him! I really enjoyed his games always out of my seat in my living room celebrating Rafa winning point and passing shot even his fist pump,and of course misses all the ticks he has on court. Love him no matter what! Great player of all times. I’ll cry bitterly when he retire

  2. As a long time fan of Rafa… I expect he will continue to do his best and follow his passion for the game.

  3. Another excellent analysis of the GOAT debate by Sportpulse. It was very fair, very balanced, very objective. Rafa’s 9-2 record against Federer in the slams – 5-0 on clay, 3-0 on hardcourt, 1-2 on grass(when Rafa was a puppy) – should end the debate once and for all, but of course it won’t. People believe what they want to believe, facts be damned. I could list a boatload of other stats that favor Rafa, but it wouldn’t make any difference whatsoever to the diehard Fed fans. They have their silly opinion and they’re sticking to it. VAMOS!!!

  4. He will not return if he is not healed. I believe he will as usual try his very best, I am so proud of this obviously well brought up young man . He is a wonderful athlete and gives his all every time he plays. I consider it a privilege to watch him play.

  5. I just want to see him play. No other expectación. Win or líos ría great to see him play . Vamos Rafa, you are The greatest tennis player !!

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