Nike Fall 2014 Tech Pack Lookbook – Rafael Nadal

For young legend Rafael Nadal, the days of practice, training, and off-court focus create a velocity that propels him toward the incredible.

“I focus on every day, on my every practice,” says Rafa, describing his proven training method. “And then you arrive at a moment on court where your level is so high you surprise even yourself. It’s a momentum. It’s where you really play with that passion, that love for the game.”

While some athletes depend upon rituals, Rafa has learned to focus only on his next moment—the next practice, the next return, the next serve. Every day, passion mounts and momentum builds. Creating a step-by-step path for him to follow, a path that will launch him toward his next victory.

Because of the focus that fuels his momentum, Rafael Nadal creates moments we never thought possible, and plays at a higher level than he ever imagined.

Source: (h/t Vamos Rafa Pinterest)


  1. I’ve really missed seeing Rafa on the Tennis courts. He is such an attractive, focused, excellent athlete and gentleman AND it seems unbelievable he can do what he does, AND HE CAN DO everything, it seems. There isn’t a field of play or discipline of any kind that he cannot fulfill admirably. He is a marvel of this age. So, Rafa, come back when you feel you are physically able and not a moment too soon. We don’t have to wait for another recuperative period for a while. Remember, you are our Champion No. 1 ALWAYS! VAMOS, RAFA!!!! 🙂

  2. rafi recuperate prontopara que ganes todos los partidos te quiero besos mil cuidate mucho porfavor dios te bendiga muchisisisisisisisisisisisisimo te lo mereces

  3. I’m not sure if what he does is rituals when he’s on court I see it as a routine like fixing his hair, wiping his nose the perspiration dripping, fixing his wedge is more getting the rhythm before he serves, Get better soon Rafa The tennis is so boring without you

  4. Rafa is a perfectionist, and rightly so he is the best in the business,and will always be My Champion player of all time. there is no one remotely likehim and i really think there never will be. he is the GREATEST

  5. The steaming hot weather at this year’s US Open is tailor made for Rafa. He would’ve had an excellent chance to defend his title and win slam #15. Too bad he’s not playing because he injured his wrist – IMHO – while diving off his boat. Just the latest in a long string of senseless injuries he’s suffered over the years. VAMOS!!!

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