VIDEO: Rafael Nadal not sure when he’ll be back from injury

Speaking to Spanish media today, Rafael Nadal said he’s not sure how soon he’ll be back or whether he’ll play in Beijing.

Video: IB3TV


  1. I do not like Patrick McEnroe, his never ending crush on Federer and his endless sniping against Nadal. Patrick was a below-average tennis player and, like Mary Carillo and Ted Robinson, is a below average tennis commentator who has ridden big brother John McEnroe’s coat-tails into a position of prominence for which none of them except Johnny Mac is at all worthy. I’d like to see J McEnroe-Darren Cahill with Brad Gilbert or Jim Courier as TV’s premier tennis broadcasting team for the Grand Slams. Ted is a good team sport commentator but he adds nothing to tennis and just reads off stats during tennis matches.
    I would like to see all the TV networks stop emulating People magazine and get down from the tired over-ridden Federer horse. They all need to be far more objective about the sport of tennis.

  2. Does anyone have an English translation of that interview? Is the injury healing properly?
    What’s the prognosis? Is surgery a possibility? Questions, questions, questions. VAMOS!!!

  3. folks a request please..Lets all of us pray for our dear..seriously miss him please..As God will Heal Rafa..

  4. I am so disappointed. I was hoping to see him play. The US Open is boring without you. Get better soon pleaseeeeeeee

  5. That sounds not good. Hopefully he is ready for the next tournaments. The US-Open are so boring without Nadal. NO RAFA = NO TENNIS

  6. I’m dissapointed with this statement,,I was hoping for a more positive outlook,and that Rafa would be playing in the next tournament,,,,of course we all want him to be fit before a return,,,,but he soooo greatly missed ,,it would be amazing if returned after US open

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