WATCH: Rafael Nadal Attends David Bisbal’s Concert In Mallorca (August 23, 2014)

Last week Rafael Nadal went to the David Bisbal concert in Felanitx, Mallorca. Check it out!

Video: David Bisbal


  1. Miss Rafa so much!!! Only watch tennis matches with the presence of Rafa, yeah, tennis is so boring without Rafa. Get well soon Rafa, so nice to see you holidaying with your girlfriend Mary.

  2. Tennis is always boring without Rafa I prefer looking at the women tennis at U.S.Open wish Rafa was there I miss him so much but enjoy Rafa and feel better rest your tired body and may all your aches and pain heal God bless you Rafa!

  3. The US Open – or any slam – without Rafa is like the Rolling Stones without Mick Jagger, the Beatles without John Lennon, the Jackson Five without Michael Jackson. It just ain’t the same. Not even close. VAMOS!!!

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