PHOTOS/VIDEO: Rafael Nadal practices with Dusan Lajovic in Manacor

Video: IB3TV
Photos: @bluemathilde


  1. With all the practice they’re getting, Rafa’s forehand & slice backhand should be better than ever. I hope he’s working on being more aggressive with both shots by hitting the ball earlier, flatter, harder, deeper. He’s virtually unbeatable when he gets consistent depth on his ground-strokes – i.e. within 10 feet of the opposite baseline. Aside from the wrist injury, my biggest concern is the potential for blisters when he resumes hitting his two-handed backhand, since the callouses on his right hand have surely softened up or disappeared by now. Message to Team Rafa: extra taping on his right hand is an absolute must! Capiche?

  2. Unfortunately, Rafa has already started preparing us for his cancellation of the US Open. Ultimately coming Saturday he will tell us that he won’t be there. Always the same frigged up bad luck.

  3. Rafa’s smiles are so infectious! Rogers Cup is so boring without Rafa, hope you are feeling better now Rafa!! Miss you Rafa.

  4. Rafa we miss you terribly Tennis is not Tennis without you. Please take care of yourself and get well so you can come back to us. We love you Rafa

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