PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal enjoys time off from tennis with his beautiful girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello

Rafael Nadal was spotted enjoying a nice afternoon with his girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello on the boat that was semi-spoiled by the paparazzi. Just look at how happy he is before he spots the cameras.



  1. Unfortunately, Rafa will never have absolute privacy. I think we will agree, however, it is great to see the beautiful Rafa with his beautiful Maria! They’re just gorgeous! We wish them well and look forward to seeing Rafa as a competitor once his doctors pronounce him well enough. VAMOS RAFA!!!

  2. But if there were no photographs of Rafa with his girlfriend on holiday there would be no photographs of them together at all. IMO these annual photographs allow Rafa to have privacy for the other 51 weeks of the year. That they both appear in beach clothing makes the publicity about his relationship even better. Without these photographs Rafa would have less privacy not more.

  3. while it is nice to see photos of Rafa and Maria looking so happy, I do feel for them as they get no privacy at all. Rafa looking as gorgeous as ever, good luck in the U.S.A.!

  4. I agree with Anne: leave them alone!!! Isn’t enough to be under scrutini eleven months a year…?!?!?! Good luck, Rafa, in Toronto – VAAAMOOOS …VAAAMOOOS

  5. We see the same sort of pictures every summer of Rafa on a boat with his girlfriend. I’m sure if they didn’t want such photographs taken they wouldn’t stand on top of the deck in similar poses to previous years in a public location. I suppose the interest is understandable because it’s only in these annual beach/boat pictures that they are photographed together. Maybe there is even some mutual agreement to allow these summer holiday photographs to be circulated as they are hardly bad publicity.

    Rafa looks lovely in beach clothes but personally I think he looks even better on court 🙂

  6. Would b nice for Rafa to have really private holiday u would think a boat out on the ocean should b private but appears not . VAMOS Rafa for the hard court season ❤️❤️😘👍

  7. Being the best tennis player in the world, it is obvious that paparrazi love Rafa. I do feel sorry for him though love watching Rafa shows love gesture to Mary, they make such lovely and hot couple in the tennis circuit, simply love them!!

  8. although i love seeing photos of rafa, i feel sorry for him! he sometimes needs some space and the paparazzi need to respect that 🙁 vamos rafa for the hard court season

  9. leave them alone!!!!…………the paparrazi are a pain in the butt!! really, haven.t you got anything else to do than invade peoples privacy?

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