Rafa Roundup: Did Novak Djokovic invite Rafael Nadal to his wedding – Is Rafa attending?

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Photo via Tennis.com


Following his fourth round exit at the Wimbledon Championships, Rafael Nadal stayed true to his word about heading to the “beach” for some rest and recuperation, as he has officially opted out of the Hamburg Open in two weeks. Tournament director Michael Stich explained that ”despite our numerous efforts, Nadal has decided to take a break following Wimbledon and will not play at [the event] this year.”

Nadal me emociona siempre. Federer y Djokovic tienen todo el talento. Son casi perfectos, pero Nadal aporta tanto talento como ellos… y más emoción. No podía creerme el modo en que regresó al tenis en 2013, con aquella serie de victorias. Fue increíble. Es un jugador especial.

Can he win a title or two at Masters 1000 venues in the fall? The key will be his ability to defeat the second-tier players who are flexing their muscles. Nadal is arguably the favorite in semifinal and final matches at Grand Slam venues; nobody deals with pressure and makes adjustments the way Nadal can when a major is on the line. How much does he have left to keep doing this before he runs into a young opponent who suddenly plays like 2000 U.S. Open winner Marat Safin?

Socialite Life
Socialite Life

In the midst of a hectic season, Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic is taking time out for love by getting married to longtime (and pregnant) girlfriend Jelena Ristic this week in Sveti Stefan, Montenegro.

“Fans are clamouring to see both established stars such as the likes of Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Andy Murray, and the new crop of younger players including Grigor Dimitrov, Milos Raonic and Kei Nishikori. “As the last major tournament in the tennis calendar, it’s no surprise we’ve seen ticket demand rocket for the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in the last 48 hours.”

Esto es lo que defiende cada uno en el orden del calendario – Nadal: 6.025 puntos: 1.000 de Canadá (campeón), 1.000 de Cincinnati (campeón), 2.000 del US Open (campeón), 300 de Pekín (final), 360 de Shanghai (semifinal), 360 de París (semifinal), 1.000 de la Copa Masters de Londres (final) y 5 de la Copa Davis. Djokovic: 6.030 puntos.




  1. I do not believe any of the big four have been included in the festivities. Rafa your at a point where you can chose your own path. Luck in the future. We believe in you.

  2. Who cares about Novak’s invitation, I don’t as long as Rafa is happy that is all I care about , it is only sour grapes if Novak leaves him out and he knows Rafa will be no. 1 soon again and if not he is no1. in all his fan’s hearts. Waiting for your next Grand Slam win on the hard courts of the USA and just like Rosol and Darcis the other guy Kyrigos (if that is the spelling)will be a one game wonder mark my words,love you Rafa

  3. Rafa and Roger …you guys are the reason why I enjoy watching tennis….I also get broken hearted when you lose,,,but never mind all the best and VAMOS RAFA win the US Open I will be watching from Auckland New Zealand.

  4. Been following Rafas wimbledon journey, only wish he had focused on tie brakes during first and third set, the result would have been different, I felt he was little hesitant after his fall during third round match. He would have had his third wimbledon trophy , all the best Rafa, come back stronger, we need you to have some more gram slam trophies

  5. Vamos Rafa, no matter what you are still the number one player in the world to me. You cant win them all but as always you will rise to any occasion. Hope you will win the end of year tournament this time around. God bless. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Not a good idea for Rafa to get real chummy with Djokovic, Federer or Murray. That would soften his competitive edge against them, IMHO. It’s okay to be friendly with them, but not too friendly. Save that for the seniors’ tour.

  7. I’m so excited to see Rafa in Toronto at the Roger’s Cup August 2-10 I’m so lucky my son bought me the entire tournament Gold tickets only because I love Rafa so much I ordered his Biography and a beautiful Rafa Poster and I’m definitely going to meet him and get his autograph, My dreams will soon come true to meet my tennis Icon and Rafa is the reason why I love tennis. I was just thinking if Joker would have invited Rafa but good Rafa will not be there to waste time when he can practice and have his time away from tennis players. See you Rafa in Toronto!

  8. Desde Montevideo, Uruguay, te envío mis mejores deseos de triunfos, para tus futu
    actuaciones. Todos los logros obtenidos, bien merecidos. Eres un genio, hace unos años que sigo tu carrera,(tengo 82 añitos) y para mi fué un descubrimiento fantástico.. Me haz dado muchas alegrías. ADELANTE MI CAMPEÓN!!!

  9. Its Novak’s personal matter. Rafa enjoy the beach. You are a splendid Sportsman and a very nice person. Have a great time and practice hard! God bless

  10. i think i’d prefer it if rafa wasn’t going tbh, he needs to relax and enjoy himself with his family.

  11. Hi,there guys! Because I leave in Australia ,I’m not that fortunate like people from other continents to have more ATP tours! We only have the Australian Open,where I became an member, in order to get better seats to watch Rafa! But I never had the chance of having the tickets when he’s played ! Not a chance to get an autograph ,not even a chance to see him from close when he trains! But my admiration is the same from a distance! Once a king,always a king! He is a special person,an amazing hart,a remarkable young man and I would pay anything to get to meat him! Thank you Rafa for who you are

  12. Rafael you are still my number one you are awesome. All the best with future games. Sending you my love from Melbourne Australia hugs.

  13. Djokovic’s wedding is today at Sveti Stefan, Montenegro. NIce place! he have 250 invitate people, almost family…and a lot of flowers;)

  14. A wedding is (or should be) an intimate personal event not about who is invited. I would not expect any of the players except the Serbians and perhaps Andy Murray who is a friend. No fuss please. Let us focus on the North American swing and support our champion Rafael.Let him enjoy his break and then defend three titles. Vamos Rafaaaaaa

  15. Rafa is the BEST, always was, and always will!!! His fans sincerely love him because he’s been a credit to tennis ever since he started playing and he has never deviated from being a devoted family man and respectful of all with whom he interacts. Furthermore,, he has just won the “favorite monthly player award” of American Sports as a result of the voting public. It goes without saying that it really doesn’t matter if he is not invited to Djokovic’s wedding. However, it would speak volumes of negativity if Djokovic doesn’t invite him. 🙂

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