Who do Rafael Nadal Fans want to win the Wimbledon final: Federer or Djokovic?

Javier Garcia/AELTC
Javier Garcia/AELTC

Roger Federer will be chasing a record eighth Wimbledon title and 18th grand slam crown overall in what will be his 25th championship match at a major while Novak Djokovic targets a seventh major in his third Wimbledon final in four years.

In case you didn’t know Rafael Nadal’s fourth-round loss at Wimbledon this week added 170 points to his ranking (for a current total of 12,670), but Novak Djokovic controls his destiny for the No. 1 ranking . If Djokovic wins Wimbledon title on Sunday, he will reclaim the No. 1 ranking and lead Rafa by 460 points (13,130-12,670).

While Rafa relaxes in the sun in Mallorca, some Rafans asked us: Who do you want to win the Wimbledon final: Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic?  Hmm… Feel free to answer them.



  1. No importa que rafa esté 1 o 2, solo mirar , la diferencia de puntos que hay con el 3 clasificado, se ve claramente los que mandan en el tenis, y según vaya la temporada estará uno u otro, mi lema con este muchacho (para mi siempre lo será) gane o pierda “VAMOS RAFA “

  2. i’d rather see djokovic lifting wimbledon this year. true it will take # 1 away from rafa (won’t even if he loses, anyways?), and although that will give him his 7th slam, he’ll still have a long way to catch up with Nadal. in the other hand, federer winning will make it more difficult for rafa to reach and pass him in the following years. so: vamos nole!

    • yes I felt the same way too Jiker should win I was confused and wanted Roger to win but I thought Joker will still have along way to catch up Rafa and Roger will have 18 one more slam to add to 4 catching up. Happy for Novak and Rafa will be able to defend his Roger’s cup and US Open hopefully!

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