Who do Rafael Nadal Fans want to win the Wimbledon final: Federer or Djokovic?

Javier Garcia/AELTC
Javier Garcia/AELTC

Roger Federer will be chasing a record eighth Wimbledon title and 18th grand slam crown overall in what will be his 25th championship match at a major while Novak Djokovic targets a seventh major in his third Wimbledon final in four years.

In case you didn’t know Rafael Nadal’s fourth-round loss at Wimbledon this week added 170 points to his ranking (for a current total of 12,670), but Novak Djokovic controls his destiny for the No. 1 ranking . If Djokovic wins Wimbledon title on Sunday, he will reclaim the No. 1 ranking and lead Rafa by 460 points (13,130-12,670).

While Rafa relaxes in the sun in Mallorca, some Rafans asked us: Who do you want to win the Wimbledon final: Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic?  Hmm… Feel free to answer them.



  1. No importa que rafa esté 1 o 2, solo mirar , la diferencia de puntos que hay con el 3 clasificado, se ve claramente los que mandan en el tenis, y según vaya la temporada estará uno u otro, mi lema con este muchacho (para mi siempre lo será) gane o pierda “VAMOS RAFA “

  2. i’d rather see djokovic lifting wimbledon this year. true it will take # 1 away from rafa (won’t even if he loses, anyways?), and although that will give him his 7th slam, he’ll still have a long way to catch up with Nadal. in the other hand, federer winning will make it more difficult for rafa to reach and pass him in the following years. so: vamos nole!

    • yes I felt the same way too Jiker should win I was confused and wanted Roger to win but I thought Joker will still have along way to catch up Rafa and Roger will have 18 one more slam to add to 4 catching up. Happy for Novak and Rafa will be able to defend his Roger’s cup and US Open hopefully!

  3. Definitely agree 100% with Debby, Rafa definitely had a very lousy draw and Wimpy (and the British Public) are getting what they wanted if not Andy Murray then Roger Federer in the final! There are though 2 other points which I am always stressing…….. grass in not Rafa’s most favourable surface and RG and Wimpy are far too close (even with 3 weeks apart) should be at least 4 even 5 weeks……then everyone would be less tired, play better and get a fairer chance. Anyway I personally don’t think Rafa is too bothered about being No. 1 or No.2, we all know there is little difference between them….he has won all the Grand Slams and usually has little time to relax on his beautiful home-island of Mallorca….Bueno Rafa que gozes la pausa!!!

  4. I would prefer Roger to win the 2014 Wimbledon final. As already said Roger and Rafa like and respect each other…. also I think Roger seems a very nice person and quite frankly Novak is NOT my type! In addition I believe that Roger may NOT have another chance to win another Grand Slam whereas both Rafa and Novak WILL simply because they are younger!!

  5. And btw, just for the record, I’m picking Djokovic tomorrow in 4 sets over Federer. VAMOS!!!

  6. If Federer wins major title #18 on Sunday, his fans – including most of the tennis announcers & commentators on TV – will become even more obnoxious and insufferable with their “Federer is the GOAT” nonsense.

    It’s funny how they now make the GOAT debate all about the major title count, when they never did that before Federer hit the scene.

    Remember how Rod Laver was always considered the GOAT with his 11 major titles, even though Roy Emerson had won 12 majors and Pete Sampras had won 14.

    And to this very day, most of the so-called “experts” consider Steffi Graf(22 majors) or Martina Navratilova(18 majors) or Serena Williams(17 majors) to be the GOAT on the women’s side, even though Margaret Court has 24 majors on her resume`.

    These so-called “experts” clearly use a DOUBLE STANDARD in the GOAT debate: with Federer vs Rafa, it’s all about the major title count; with Laver vs Emerson, it’s all about the head-to-head record; with Laver vs Sampras, it’s all about the career slam; with Court vs Graf/Navratilova/Serena, it’s all about other stuff.

    In other words, the GOAT debate is about whatever litmus test or barometer they can come up with to support their claim that “so-and-so is the GOAT” – intellectual honesty & consistency be damned.


    • Absolutely agree. Also don’t really agree with GOAT – one of the greatest of all time is more like it.

  7. Rafa is mister upset, he could never match roger, simple roger is goat, the man who every time out by upsets he could not the greatest sorry, rafa is mister upset

  8. It’s a difficult question for sure. I don’t want either one of them to win for the obvious reason in each case.

    I disagree that Rafa would rather Djoke win; it’s clear that he doesn’t really “approve” of him, and he likes Roger, so I think he’d rather see Fed win, irregardless of #1 ranking.

    Rafa got a lousy draw, obviously. I think if he hadn’t, HE would have been the favorite to win the title this year, I think he was playing the best of the top 4, but Wimby got what they wanted, if not Andy, then Fed.

  9. Ocurra o pase lo que suceda Rafa por siempre a muerte eres nuestro ¡¡1º – ó Primero!! por no ser número, sino una extraordinaria Persona, en entrenamiento permanente para alcanzar las metas hasta aquí conseguidas, y que pocas no son. Desde Canarias este Amigo más que Fan te da un deportivo abrazo de afecto al tiempo que estrecha tu mano, deseando tengas unas agradables vacaciones de descanso con tu María&Familia. Desde Canarias + C. Javier

  10. Personal viewpoints aside, I believe if Roger wins, he will also reclaim the number 1 position from Rafa. So whoever triumphs, Rafa will no longer be number 1. Best check your facts before posing such a daft question. Ultimately, although another Roger/Rafa final would be awesome, the important thing is that the two best competitors got through, and the final can’t be spoiled by a biased, ranting chav English crowd gunning for a Scot. And for the record, I’m English (as opposed to British, when the dour Brit man wins). So, go Roger, go Novak 🙂

  11. I would rather Nole win, Rafa has many points to defend in the upcoming tournaments (Montreal, Cincinnati, US Open, Shangai, Paris, London, Beijing, the tour Finals) but every tournament is a chance to reclaim No. 1. Another Grand Slam for Roger it would mean Rafa has to work harder to tie Roger’s record, and we all know how hard it is to win a GS, all the youngsters are trying to knock the Big 4 down and then there’s the rivalry between them as well..

  12. The better player at the time will win,, Roger is hot so he’ll probably take it ,, i don’t think Rafa gives a shit either way,, he controls his own destiny ,, doesn’t have to depend on what other players do or don’t do , simple as that ,,,

  13. I am quite torn. I can’t stand Novak or Roger. As far as history goes, I guess I would prefer Rafa be 2nd in rankings for a while and have more of a chance to match or surpass Roger’s 17 slams. We will never hear the end of the GOAT debate either.

  14. I strongly agree that the #1 ranking is going to go back and forth between Rafa and Nole
    all year round, anyway. Rafa has more points to defend now and throughout the US Open 2014. Nole has more points to defend after that until the end of the year.
    To me, not a big deal, whatsoever!

    If Roger scores his 18th GS title tomorrow and widens that race to 4 GS’s more, so what! Rafa is 5 years younger and I am confident he will win more GS’s in his future, anyway.
    He would have had 15 from the AO but his back went out against Stan. Better he
    stays healthy in the long run! He’ll have many more opportunities!

    Besides Federer hasn’t beaten Rafa for so many years now! And I don’t think that statistic will ever change which irritates Roger! But I would be curious to see them play against each other since Federer hired Edberg and uses a larger racquet, though I don’t think it would make a difference to their usual outcome.

    For just this one time I am going to support Nole because he too works very hard
    and has been frustrated countless times because be can make it to the finals but
    can’t seem to win there the past few years. Do miss Rafa at Wimbledon because he
    generates such passion and excitement on the court but glad he is resting and relaxing.
    He never even got a chance to savor his 9th FO Title because Wimby comes way too soon
    after the French! Glad they are pushing it back a week next year which still isn’t enough!

    Glad the grass court season is coming to a close tomorrow. Looking forward to the
    hard-court season which is longer and doesn’t cause the players to slip and slide,
    losing their balance. Grass is a very dangerous surface!

  15. I would rather Nole win. I prefer Novak over Roger. Rafa can reclaim the number 1 spot for he has done it before. And it would be easier for Rafa to close in on Roger the less he has. Here is hoping the Rafa wins the US Open, like he did last year!
    Also Roger’s fans are insufferable, I cannot abide them if Roger wins it will be Roger is the GOAT for the next 100 years. So GO Nole! 🙂

  16. Rafa is not in the final so I don’t really care who wins. Have a wonderful summer break Rafa and awaiting your matches soon. Love you

  17. Rafa is young, lots of time to catch up with Federer in grand slam total titles…I would like to see him retain number 1. So I’m rooting for Federer tomorrow.

  18. I agree with Lisa-Jane: I’m sure Rafa would want djok to win so I hope he does, although I hate the idea…! I won’t be supporting anybody because I won’t be watching – for me wimbledon ended with Rafa! Have a good rest, my HERO, and come back stronger than ever!!! VAAAMOOOSSS RAAAFAAA ALWAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. It’s such a hard one as really I not a djokovic fan so wouldn’t really want him to win, but know rafa would rather have a slam title than number one in the world. He often said he not bothered where in the world he is he loves playing and winning. Also he has achieved loads and still can. People focus so much on statistics. Hope rafa having a world earned break xx

  20. who ever wins the final I really don’t care, I will not be watching ,
    I think Rafa had a raw deal back at Wimbledon with his listing ,as Henman put it laughing, he did with Fed, so it was planned, I think Fed will today, as yesterday Rion:did not play at all,really was he got at to!!!

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