Wimbledon 2014: Nightmare draw for Rafael Nadal?

Neil Tingle/AFP/GettyImages
Neil Tingle/AFP/GettyImages

The Wimbledon draw is out. Rafa’s first round opponent is Martin Klizan. His R2 opponent will be the winner of Benoit Paire – Lukas Rosol.

Friday’s draw put Andy Murray in the top half with Novak Djokovic, who won Wimbledon in 2011 and was runner-up last year. Our champion Rafa is in the bottom half with seven-time champion Roger Federer.

Possible Wimbledon QFs:

Djokovic – Berdych

Murray – Ferrer

Wawrinka – Federer

Raonic – Nadal

Who do you think has the toughest draw? Who has the best chance of reaching the final? Comment below!


  1. Elizabeth Howard, will u forever remain a blank headed, dogged follower of Nadal !
    I have told u so many times that if u have OCD at age 80 it doesnt mean that Nadal at 28 has
    it too!
    I challenge u to show me a single
    authenticated doctors report that Nadal has
    OCD ! It is just a hoax to get sympathy for his
    obnoxious habit of ASS SCRATCHING AND
    CROTCH PULLING in front of a huge audience !!!!!

  2. John Woods I was in Roland Garros and close to the action and clearly you are imagining things re calls made, indeed two calls were made against Rafael that were wrong. I ask what are you doing here as your agenda is so anti Rafael Nadal. Go away, stay away and learn to know respect and have a check on the eyesight !! You are consumed by jealously of a great champiom

  3. Nowadays no game can be called CREDIBLE if
    there is no hawkeye !
    In RG on crucial points…break points and
    game points… Nadals out balls were called in
    by the umpire (hawkeye proved that
    later) !
    So Nadals victories at RG have a big question
    mark over them !
    Wimbledon is totally fair and the shots which
    decide the winner by millimeters r judged by
    HAWKEYE !!
    I personally dont think Nadal is going to make
    it to the QFs at Wimbledon this year !!!

  4. Well, here we go again! My heart is so with Rafa but he does get a bad draw at Wimbledon, no doubt. He can do it, just has to get his head right, not think about the previous 2 years, he is such a great player and great person. Love him madly whether he wins or loses. He is still our Clay king!! Go Rafa, show them what we know you are!!!!

  5. Seeding plays an important role in draws. Look how Andy Murray was seeded 3rd despite been ranked 5th and why Djokovic top seeded? How? why? They said as Rafa lost in 1st round at Halle that’s why Rafa seeded 2nd then idiots tell how Nole seeded top when he even didn’t play before Wimbledon? And Andy even couldn’t defend his title at Queens and promoted to seed 3rd. Baseless logic and they did it just to provide safe journey for Andy to reach at least to SF. Rafa never feels comfortable to play in UK and the reason is obvious. And Rafa doesn’t need to prove any thing here he has already proved he is the best any where he plays.

  6. That’s why Grand Slams are so exciting. Anything can happen within the draw or hand
    that’s each player is dealt! There could be upsets, walk-overs, retirements due to injury,
    rain delays even slipping on the grass like last year. But Rafa seems to always focus on the match at hand. I’m sure he’ll bring his A-Game and solve problems when and if the situation
    arises. Don’t you think Martin Klizan is wishing he had another opponent in his first round?
    Vamos, Rafa!

  7. I think rafa has a rough draw and Nole has the least difficult . Probably Nole will win…

  8. Rafa I believe in you so much and for me you will always be a champion! Your health is the most important. 🙂

  9. Quisiera estar el club de fan de Rafa, soy peruana y quisiera tambien que me contesten es español, se que Rafa siempre se va a dar el cien por ciento en Wimblendon.

  10. hola rafa soy de peru tu fan numero uno, yo se que te duele perder en cualquier torneo, pero siempre para mi seras el mejor, se que Winlblendon haras lo que sabes hacer, fuerza y vmos RAFA,

  11. When the going gets though, THE TOUGH gets going! And who is the toughest?!? VAAAMOOOSSS RAAAFAAA , VAAAMOOOSSS …VAAAMOOOSSS …VAAAMOOOSSS ….!!!!!!!!!! Show them all what u are made of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I think all top 4 players have challenging draws this year. No easy way to the final for anyone….

  13. When the French Open started everyone was saying they didn’t know if Rafa would make it, people were beating Thiem against him, then Ferrer, and finally, they were all sure Djokovic would claim it. But again, who won Roland Garros???? Djokovic always gets the easiest draws, but only true champions get to WIN! VAMOS RAFA!!!

    • Isabel, I don’t say Novak always get’s easy draw, but let me say, Rafa has won 14 GS either beating one of Rog, Andy and Nole. I just put the draw on paper and I don’t see Rafa has tough draw, it looks tough because he lost in first 2 rounds last 2 years, but last 2 years, he was fighting with his knees than his opponents, but loss is a loss and it will always play on top of your mind. If we look at the draw, Rafa has potential Rosol, Karlovic, Monfils/Gasquet followed by Raonic in the quarters. Nole has Stepanke, Simon, Tsonga in fourth, Bedych/Gulbis in quarters and Andy in semis, if Rafa can survived first 2 rounds and warm up to the grass, Nole has tough draw than Rafa. Then Fed has to deal with Granollers, Tommy, Stan before he clashes with Rafa, so I don’t see anyone has an easy draw, Andy is better off till quarters than all the other guys, but again, it’s evenly poised.
      If Rafa can survive first week, I will have my money on him.

      • Rubbish Novak always gets a good draw….has he had anyone to surprise and upset him as Rafa and Roger have had? No?….Unfortunately Rafa had Rosol and Darcis two years in a row, exiting early…..this has never happened to Novak or Murray so its just the luck of the draw really?….Stepanek Simon Tsonga Berdych are not tough for Novak he has always beat them……Be great to see Rafa make it to the finals and win it this year….go for it Rafa vamos..

      • yeah sure Novak always has it easy… whatever! They are all top players Novak lost to Andy before, Rafa lost to RF before… it’s same all the way around. Cheer on for your favorite but stop hating, enjoy the sport and the great matches these man are playing!

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