Welcome back to Wimbledon, Rafael Nadal!

Good luck, Rafa! So glad to see you back in London! Vamos!

Photos via Rafa Nadal Facebook, Wimbledon


  1. Stay focus Rafa….you can do It. ..Just like in Roland Garros! Think as the grass is not that different from the clay…..Vamoooooos!

  2. SO cute, our little guy, buying food for his dinner (for those who think all wealthy, successful people are pampered and spoiled).
    Eat well, our champion, be healthy, be confident, and Vamos!!!!!!

  3. Best of luck at Wimby. Can’t wait to see you, Rafa play on the grass! Still so thrilled
    about your French Open Victory. Just super amazing!!! Also, glad Andy finally won
    for his country last year!!!

  4. Sooo wish could go to Wimbledon to see him. My life long dream is to get an autograph and maybe a picture but my ankles broke so will have to wait till finals in November in London hopefully. Can’t wait see him on the tv though need a rafa fix 🙂 all in white too ♥ x

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