PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal celebrated fabulous French Open win at Cafe de la Paix in Paris

Sweet taste of victory 🙂

Photos via Café de La Paix Facebook


  1. je savais raphael que tétais pour gagner encore car tu est toi seul le dieu du tennis partout dans le monde cest tres protigieux tout ce que tu a gagner comme victoire

  2. After giving crushing defeats to Ferrer & Murray it was clear that this time u are destined to win French open . But really u made us tension free by winning French Open. & I celebrated this day with lots of beer , Kababs, chicken etc etc . What a fantastic day for all of us —– mean with family members .

  3. Another example of the affection in which he is held. His ability to establish and maintain relationships with people is one of his many strengths. He stays in the same hotel in Paris every year and his genuine niceness is so respected. Rafael the person is one special guy, Rafael the player a great champion

  4. Cheers Rafa, from Canada. You made my day, he visto tu Partido dos veces y lo volveré a ver.

    • Was the happiest day for me celebrating Rafa victory after a long time being so sad after AO 2014.Rafa made me smile ear to ear since Sunday! Love from Toronto Rafa and I can’t wait to see you in August for the whole tournament!

  5. Para La 9ª Victoria las delicadas exquisiteces regadas de La Copa de Champagne Don Peringnon. No me canso de felicitarte, en ABC, Grande de España, pero ya te lo había dicho. Extraordinario Rafa, tu María, está bonita y muy guapa, para “Los Dos” Lo mejor. C. Javier

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