VIDEOS: Highlights from Rafael Nadal vs. Novak Djokovic in French Open final

Rafael Nadal’s speech on podium after his 2014 French Open victory

Rafa’s on-court interview immediately after winning

R. Nadal v. N. Djokovic 2014 French Open Men’s Final Highlights

Match points


  1. Bravo Raphaël Merci ….la finale RG 2014 vient s’ajouter à une liste déjà longue de moments à jamais inoubliables ……merci encore

  2. So happy for you Rafa. One more time you have showed the world the great player and champion you are, to me the best of all time. Enjoy this time, relax and get ready for Wimblendon. All your fans will be there in any way….cheering for you. Congrats Rafa. Carmen and Stephanie Carrera, High Point, NC.

  3. There are no more words I can find to describe Rafael. None that I have used before. Awesome, strong, humble, endurance, never gives up, beautiful, fighter, warri, considerate, compassion, not prideful, and always “POETRY IN MOTION”. Incrediable.human being. Wish there were more men like Rafa. Congrats Rafa. King of Clay. You are loved. A fan for life. Dawn Hanley: Bermuda Islands & San Diego, CA.

  4. Well done Rafa you deserved that win, just to silence all your knockers and unbelievers who have no respect for you even though you have won this title eight times they still didn’t show any respect for you, you weren’t even the favourite to win, of course you were in the eyes of your coach uncle Toni, your family, and your fans and now you have your nineth title,and fifth consecutive title, your 14th grand slam,just missing in the final at AO, other wise this could have been your 15th grand slam, but there is still time for you to exceed Rogers record, and although Novak lost he is still truly a great tennis player, a fantastic person, and the both of you were super human to have played so well in the hot conditions, both showing signs of tiredness and exhaustion but both soldiering on and giving the best you could, but as always only one can win in tennis, and this time as I said, we could not let Novak spoil your 28th birthday present to your self now could we. Congratulations again Rafa and to you too Novak both of you we will see again next year for sure, it may just be your turn Novak…

  5. Thanks to Rafa, at least he stood up like a man, enough is enough and that’s the way to fight back, well done and keep it up brother. Rafa all the way.

  6. This is incredible. What a champion yet he is still so humble and modest. I’m so proud! Congrats Rafa!

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