Interview with Rafael Nadal (fourth round) – Roland Garros 2014

Video: Roland Garros


  1. Well, it only gets extremely difficult from now on. I want to predict that if Rafa can tomorrow beat Ferrer in 3 straight sets (3 – 0) then he’s gonna win the FO. But, anything less than 3 straight sets, then I’m afraid…………………….

  2. Hmm, no happy birthday Rafaello? No, “Rafa beat Lajovic”? I’d see it’s time to get some new crew members folks!

  3. Good luck RAFA, for the rest of R.G! Keep it up CAMPEON – only a few more days and u will be biting the trophy con gusto! VAAAMOOO999 RAAAFAAA … VAAAMOOO999… !!!

  4. Rafa played today like he did at last year’s French Open – attack, attack, attack. It was his best performance of the clay court season. He had much better depth & penetration on his ground-strokes, and even hit a few 120 mph serves, just like I predicted he would in a recent comment here. At this tournament last year, he averaged 111 mph on his first serve, compared to 107 mph this year in much cooler, damper, heavier conditions. His so-called “back problems” and “serve problems” are much adieu about nothing. If Rafa continues to play like he did today, he’ll win this slam for the 9th time in the last 10 years. VAMOS!!!

  5. So far so good rafa u will be greatly challenged from here to the end good luck rafan for life

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